22.06.2006 Editorial

Refugees Need Hope

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Refugees Need Hope
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Across the globe, people have marked the World Refugee Day, the day set aside to consider issues affecting million of refugees.

It is not easy to settle in another land, where you become an alien through no fault of yours. In such times one is compelled to leave behind his/her property, and with his/her plans shattered because one has been displaced.

Nevertheless,if a refugee considers that he was not caught in a crossfire of warring parties, then he should count himself/herself blessed, for as the saying goes, “life is wealth”.

Clearly, those who are alive but sojourn in other people's land must see how fortunate they are and learn to comport themselves in the communities they find themselves.

It is unfortunate that those who claim to be leaders of their people would not think of the disastrous consequences of their actions to cause them to find a better way of dealing with issues such as dialogue rather than of war.

Never in the history of mankind that wars have stopped without the warring factions going to the negotiating table, after they have slaughtered their young and virile ones.

The root causes of all the conflicts which create the refugee problems include intolerance and inordinate ambition of clinging to power.

Not many of our leaders have come to terms with the fact that wisdom is not the repository of one man. Any of them who think that without them the world cannot move is deluding himself.

They must consider the effects of their clinging to power, under the guise of providing unrivalled leadership. Intolerance has been identified as one major problem which brings about major conflicts, eventually leading to refugee problems.

At this age and time, it is important for all those who want to be leaders to be ready to tolerate the views of others.

They must recognise that those who are opposing them have it as their inalienable right to hold the view that they have.

If the unanticipated happens and some people become victims of the intolerance of their leader and they take refuge in other people's country, such sojourners must submit themselves to the laws of that land.

Never should they blame the host country for the cause of their woes. This means that they should not have to blame those offering them places of abode.

It is also true that the devil finds job for the idle hand and so non-governmental organisations, social leaders, as well as agencies responsible for refugees must devise means of keeping the refugees active.

We concede that keeping the hope of the unfortunate people is the responsibility of all. It may mean the expeditious resolution of conflicts so that the refugees could return home to rebuild their shattered economies.

We empathise with refugees around the globe and pray that wherever they find themselves they would be law-abiding.

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