03.06.2020 Opinion

What If We Could Uninstall And Reinstall Ghana Again

By Richard Hanson
What If We Could Uninstall And Reinstall Ghana Again
LISTEN JUN 3, 2020

Many years ago, a group of great men decided to build a huge formidable castle for their town. Only one of them eventually emerged the chief and sole architect of this great project - the others, well...

He did his best putting up the foundation of the castle, but alas, as the saying goes, "time and tide wait for no man." After some years, members of the community felt the project was slower than they had hoped for. The architect was forced out of his job by impatient townsfolk, who elected someone else, to complete the building in his stead.

In their attempts to continue from where successively former builders left off, successive new-builders weakened the building, the town people's anxiety quickly grew into lawlessness, and impatience became the norm. They took it upon themselves, to fire and appoint builders, some of whom knew next to nothing about building.

Decades went by and the building, now weak and broken, still stood on the foundation of it's very first builder.

Sanity one day returned to the town and builders were once again asked to accomplish the original mission. They continued to build on the old foundation, now severely corrupted and weak.

By now, several generations of builders had tried to raise up the elusive castle - none of them, came face to face with the glaring reality, that "one couldn't build a new house on a weak foundation". The people weren't waiting for a building to be continued - they needed someone to halt the project, firm up the foundations and then, build it anew - a leader willing against odds, to pull down anything already broken and build back up.

That castle is Ghana. Ghana is on its knees, begging to be rebuilt.

Corruption flows from the crown of her head to the tips of her sole. Only a few remain untainted.

Citizens no longer seem to see a need to put Ghana first. Wrongs are now accepted as norms, because for years, wrong has gone unpunished.

Political affiliation has become more important than friendship with the law. We built a system that rewards wrongdoing and makes mockery of those who live right;

We spend millions to make laws - laws that are never implemented, because those in charge think of a better tomorrow for their political parties than they do for a better Ghana.

...But hope is not lost...

Together, those of us who can, must. We the uncoloured, we who believe Ghana must always be first. Together we MUST change the status quo. Ghana does deserve better - we cannot wait for it to self destruct.

If you ask me, I say, let's not return the mandate to the duopoly of NDC-NPP who have supervised the destruction of Ghana for the last 28 years. If you ask me, I say, I am young and have a future that MUST work. That's why I choose to give Ghana a fresh breath of LIFE - that's why I'll vote for Marricke Kofi Gane

Maybe it's about time we uninstall Ghana V2.8 and reinstall Ghana V7.0

Ghana Deserves Better

Time No Dey

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