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03.06.2020 NDC News

Educational Facilities Are Not The Same In All Shss In The Country—ejura Sekyedumase Ndc To Napo

Educational Facilities Are Not The Same In All Shss In The Country—ejura Sekyedumase Ndc To Napo
LISTEN JUN 3, 2020

The constituency secretary for Ejura Sekyedumase Gibson Okai Attakorah is saddened on how the Education Minister is handling educational issues in this period of COVID-19 pandemic.

He lamented that he wished if he had an educationist as the Minister of Education rather than a dentist.

On Tuesday, the 2nd of June 2020, the Minister of Education through a press briefing, gave out the guidelines for the reopening of educational facilities in the country. Listening to the Minister, Mr. Okai thinks the Minister has less knowledge of the fundamentals of the happenings in the education sector.

He has no much concern for the various institutions but that of the senior high schools.

The minister through his speech said all final year students, both day and boarders with form two Gold students, are to report to school from 22nd June 2020. The Minister added that social distance would be observed during this period.

Mr. Okai has these to interrogate:

"Mr. Minister, have you forgotten that the facilities in the various institutions are not the same?" he quizzed. In some of the schools out the main cities have facilities that could accommodate only a few boarders.

"Did the Minister take into consideration the number of form three borders, form two day students, and all form two Gold students that a certain school facility can accommodate? he questioned again.

Furthermore, he wants to know when these form three day students will adjust to their new environment as boarders. Did the Minister think of the consequences?

Mr. Okai claims that The Minister's unguided action could pose problems for the house staff who will be in control of the house affairs.

"Why is Ghana rushing to write WASSCE in this period of the COVID-19 pandemics?" "Why are we writing WASSCE ahead of our sister countries like Nigeria, Liberia, and Sierra Leone?

Ghana now has a total of 8,070 cases so why the rush?

Is the government afraid of a failed policy that will expose him after WASSCE results have been released?

The Constituency Secretary is demanding answers for the above questions from the minister.

He continued that this reminds him of why the government spent taxpayers money to purchase past questions for students.

He expresses pity for teachers in this country and questioned how a teacher who has no professional knowledge in the handling of COVID 19 will be able to handle students in this seriously pandemic era.

The house staff, he said, are those most in danger during this material moment, checking on students and students reporting various incidents to them. Day students joining the boarding house, according to him, will even worsen their plight.

He is confounded that even trained professionals in the health sector are dying of COVID-19, how much more a teacher who has no knowledge of the management of this pandemic.

He also wanted to know if there is any special package for teachers as Frontline staffers and the

Provision of sufficient Veronica buckets, sanitizers, and nose masks, which are not even enough for health workers, to ensure the safety of teachers and their students.

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