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The Register Made For Foreign Votes Cannot Rule Ghana Again

By NPP Germany
The Register Made For Foreign Votes Cannot Rule Ghana Again
LISTEN JUN 2, 2020

Sufficient evidence was provided by the complainants in the 2012 election petition to establish that indeed there were a number of foreigners introduced in the maiden biometric register which was intended to prevent too much human interference when it comes to processes leading to elections in order to instill confidence in our electoral system.

In the viewpoint of the New Patriotic Party, this is why we need a new register as a country. Note, the NPP had challenged the electoral commission and the electoral commission disagreed with the party on that front. The electoral commission believes it has done due diligence when it comes to the registration of Ghanaians even though in the build-up to the petitions that got the former commissioner removed, she had alluded to facts that her fellow commissioner had created ghost constituencies and transferred votes that cannot be accounted for in the register.

It is quite clear and unequivocal that the EC's reasons for a new register is very different from the NPP's reasons for same even though they all aim to attain the same results ie. a trustworthy and sustainable register which can facilitate free and fair elections. The NDC in opposition has likewise given reasons why they wouldn't want a new register.

Their reasons has shifted from point A to B to C and is now in a whirlwind motion. First it was about COST then it came to PROCUREMENT, POTENTIAL TECHNOLOGY MISAPPLICATION, then TIME, CORONA, NIA, PASSPORT and Many others. This makes us believe the NDC at all cost wish the new registration does not take place for compounding reasons.

The Supreme Court in the Abu Ramadan case ruled that the 2012 voter ID CARD was discredited because of the use of NHIA CARDS and the EC did not clean it as was ordered to, our current voters register is bloated and unreliable.

The Electoral Commission has indicated that the compilation of the NEW VOTERS REGISTER will commence in late June, the Npp wholeheartedly welcome the decision because that is what we have always called for since the 2012 disputed election results.

The Ndc boycotted last week IPAC meeting, they boycotted the NHIS BILL when it was introduced back in the day but today ask them if they are benefiting from it or not, they told their supporters back then in public not to register for the NHIS but clandestinely registered on the blind side of the public, their deceit stings the very soul of Ghana, the Ndc has a history of boycotting what is good for Ghana ALL THE TIME, it is an UNFAIR POLLS that threatens our democracy and not a CREDIBLE REGISTER.

Ignore the subterfuge, propaganda and the sweet coated deceit tongue of the Ndc and come out massively when the time is up to register, no citizen will be discriminated against or disenfranchised as is being peddled falsely by the Ndc, the EC in conjunction with health experts has thought through very carefully ways to ensure that the protocols of the coronavirus are strictly adhered to so as to safeguards the precious life of every Ghanaian.

The best way to continuously enjoy the FREE SHS, PLANTING for FOOD and JOBS, NABCO, STABLE ECONOMY, TEACHERS and NURSES TRAINING ALLOWANCES, UNRIVALED INFRASTRUCTURAL DEVELOPMENT and Many Many More NOT seen since the introduction of Multi-Party system in 1992 is to go out and REGISTER and be able to Vote in the December elections and Give Nana Addo and the NPP FOUR MORE YEARS.

God Bless Ghana,

Nana Addo Dankwah

And the NPP.


Nana Boateng

NPP Germany Branch Communications Director.

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