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02.06.2020 Press Release

The Coalition Of Voters Without Ghana Card Backs Bernard Mornah

By Coalition Of Voters Without Ghana Card || CVWGC
The Coalition Of Voters Without Ghana Card Backs Bernard Mornah
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The Coalition of Voters Without Ghana Card (CVWGC) would like to express its resent, dissatisfaction and profound disdain, following the summon of Mr. Bernard Mornah, the leader of the Inter-Party Resistance Against New Register (IPRAN) who has been very vociferous and outspoken on the recent misconduct and misdemeanor of the Electoral Commission by the Criminal Investigations Department of the Ghana Police Force.

We believe, with no scintilla of doubt that, his invitation is one that harbors malevolent intentions to intimidate, vilify and gag him for openly professing his stance which unfortunately is not in tandem with the Electoral Commission. The invitation is also an insolence to all Ghanaians who have been tasked and called upon by the President to be citizens and not spectators.

We all believe that the decision of the EC to compile a new register using Ghana card and passport as a basic requirement especially, in this times of unprecedented health crises and all other subset intentions are ill-conceived, flawed and impaired for which reason we must all as Ghanaians resist without fear or panic.

In as much as our primary and ultimate objective is to ensure that other basic documents are considered as part of prerequisites of acquiring the new Voter’s ID and that eligible Ghanaians without the Ghana Card are not disenfranchised, it is not far-fetched that a lot more eligible Ghanaians still stand the risk of being disenfranchised. Any Ghanaian who is 18 and above and of sound mind would rather self-preserve than to participate in a reckless process that may largely compromise their health.

Having considered the stark realities and the compelling arguments marshalled by Mr. Bernard Mornah and so many other Ghanaians, we have concluded that the compilation of the New Voters Register is, needless at this point where we have only 6 months to the election. The exercise is seen as an avenue to abuse obnoxiously, the public purse and any such attempt to force a frivolous new register down our throats shall be resisted in equal legitimate measure.

We further call on the EC, Civil Society, Traditional Authority, Clergy, Imminent Advisory Committee, and all other relevant stakeholders to act now and in the best collective interest of this country. We must begin to build consensus once again that can potentially find a common ground and positive outcomes we can all work with. Ultimate power resides with the people and no amount of victimization shall prevail!


Kwesi Bossman

Communication Director

(Coalition of Voters Without Ghana -CVWGC)

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