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29.05.2020 General News

Break Bread Foundation Supports Vulnerable In Volta Region To Fight Covid-19

By Tulasi Mathias
Break Bread Foundation Supports Vulnerable In Volta Region To Fight Covid-19
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Break Bread Foundation, a non-governmental organization passionate about promoting the well-being of the underprivileged persons in society has donated 700 nose masks to seven communities in the Volta Region.

The communities which include Gblorkorpe, Tove Wukpo, Siame Kome, Tegbi, Keta, Agave Afedume and Asidowui were also educated on the right ways to use nose mask and how to protect themselves against the novel coronavirus

Rev Fr. Wisdom-Bhakita Y.B Anane, the President of the foundation said the donation and the education has become necessary because the less privileged in society also deserves to take good care of themselves and be informed on how to avoid the coronavirus.

“Every single life matter, whether poor or rich, that has been our initiative to get to the ‘hard to reach communities’ and inform them on the ways to protect themselves against the coronavirus,” he said.

He said the under-privilege in society needs to be shown more care in this era of Covid-19 pandemic to fight the disease and the foundation has been doing its best to put smiles on the faces of them through the provision of Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) to them.

Rev Fr. Wisdom-Bhakita said the Break Bread Foundation has supported a lot of girls in breast cancer education and screening, this has made them informed about the various deprived and under-privilege people in the Volta region which made reaching them easy for the foundation.

He called on other stakeholders, organizations and individuals in the society to help support the underprivileged in society adding that “Break Bread Foundation accepts membership and support from anybody that would be ready to help put a smile on the face of the underprivileged in society”.

“We don’t own anything in this world and what we are given are not for us but to be shared. That has been why I ask from those who are capable to help support this noble course,” he said.

Some of the underprivilege people who benefited from the donation expressed their gratitude to the foundation adding that “we know we needed the nose masks to protect ourselves against the coronavirus but most of us cannot afford it since our financial standings do not permit us”.

They asked other organizations to add more PPEs and also support them to have a good living standard in these hard times.

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