26.05.2020 General News

Covid-19: Easing Of Restrictions Now Would Be Suicidal - Rev Minister

Covid-19: Easing Of Restrictions Now Would Be Suicidal - Rev Minister
LISTEN MAY 26, 2020

The Reverend Minister said easing the restrictions without appropriate measures in place could severely affect the fight to bring down the further spread of the disease in the country.

Reverend Owusu in a virtual sermon, called on Ghanaians to adhere to the preventive protocols and social restrictions to help contain the further spread of the disease.

Although some of the restrictions such as the lockdown have been lifted, Ghanaians are still anticipating the ease of the remaining restrictions, especially on public gatherings and closure of borders until May 31, this year.

Rev. Owusu, however, expressed the concern that it would be too early to lift the ban on public, social, and religious gatherings since the country's COVID-19 case count was rising every day.

He called on the President not to give in to those calling for the opening of schools, churches, and other social gatherings.

Rev. Owusu said though Ghana, like other countries, had been hit by the negative impact of the COVID-19, there was the need for the government to mobilize available local resources to manage the country amid the virus.

“Sometimes, we look at what is in our hands and it looks like it doesn't seem like it's enough but we must look at that in relation to the problem we have at hand.

He noted that, God would continue to protect the world, particularly Ghana, and that, soon the virus, which was claiming the lives of many people and causing social distortions would be a thing of the past.


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