16.06.2006 Crime & Punishment

AG’s department cited in cocaine deal

By The Independent
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After weeks of investigations into the arrest of the two Venezuelans at East Legon over 500 kilogramme cocaine haul on November 27, 2005, The Independent can reveal that the Attorney General's Department has a lot of questions to answer.

The Attorney General's Department is saddled with explaining how an order was issued from that office to the police to release the two detained Venezuelans unconditionally.

Investigations established that at the time the police were busily looking for clues to indict Geraldo Vasques and his brother accomplice who are currently languishing on remand, a Chief State Attorney, E. A Agbolozo is alleged to have issued a fiat to the police to release the two from detention.

The order for the release of the two Venezuelans was in the form of advice from the Attorney General's Department signed by Chief Agbolozo, under the pretext that there was not enough evidence to indict them.

Sources close to the Police Headquarters say that the police upon receiving the order frowned upon it and refused to discharge the two.

According to reliable sources, in order to consummate his clandestine move to seek the release of the two Venezuelans, Chief Agbolozo called for the docket of the two, which was in the custody of Superintendent Edward Tabiri.

On the quiet, the Chief State Attorney gave the order for their release in the form of a legal advice to the police but this was not effected until the case was given to an Assistant State Attorney, one Tolasi, who apparently angered by Chief Agbolozo's move decided to ignore it.

The Chief State Attorney is also accused of drafting motions and petitions for some accused persons who go to him in his office, after which he the same person gives advice on those petitions and motions in a direction that, will suit his clients.

Mr Agbolozo in a reaction to the allegations said, “These are rumors that make the rounds anytime cases of this nature are being handled by the Attorney General's Department”.

He explained that when the docket on the Venezuelans was referred to him, he advised after careful study that since Castillo says he knows nothing about the drug deal and that he was arrested while he was roaming, he could be discharged.

Touching on Joel Melia who was arrested in the house at East Legon, Mr Agbolozo said he only advised that since he (Joel) had told the police that he only visited Vasques and that was only a victim of circumstance, having been picked from the airport and driven straight into the house, the police should go back and conduct further investigations.

“This is the normal advice we give to the police,” Mr Agbolozo said and added that “the evidence the police produced on the docket did not support the charge against Castillo.” Lamenting over the matter, the Chief State Attorney said “It is for this reason that I have decided to confine my activities to the Appeal and the Supreme Courts foe the past two years so as to extricate myself from such blames and rumors”.

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