26.05.2020 Poem

Sweet Taboo [Episode5] The Heated Meet Dialogue (18+ Poetry)

By Senyo K. Hosi & Richard Bansah
Sweet Taboo [Episode5] The Heated Meet Dialogue (18+ Poetry)
LISTEN MAY 26, 2020


Here we meet 
In hope to exit
My heart it pounds
Fear abounds
Tell me if this agendum
Will birth no opprobrium 

In your car, I am
I trust you mean no harm
In here is dark
Your tint's so black
Pls let's stay here at the park
And cut this call for us to take a drive
I fear we just may arrive.


At last! The day is come
When I take a gaze
Into those eyes
The very same that made me craze
For me, my whole being pounds
As though a thief was found

My car is cool
The taint is fresh
Yes the park is dark
All the stars do hide 
A drive or not it all depends
I fear not where it all shall end
Except to know you more and more


What exactly do you wish to know more and more
My core or the juices of my inner jaw.
My strength is poor
You touch i fall
I thought i was strong
But i am so wrong
O my, your hands are running through my thong
What's going on?
This was meant to just be a talk
I'm struggling to balk you the hawk
Stop what you doing
O no, do what you stopping
O my, what at all am i saying?


I bow to my vows.


Your sweet fragrance 
My fall provoked
And left in me no will to stand
T'is not of strength 
Nor of a strong will
On a road less travelled
I marvel to discover
Your lips are tender
Both beneath and above
I can feel you pour out all
On my probing hands
O what a gem you are
To unwrap your perfection
With all my being
How can I stop?
Tell me you want more
And more of you surely I want
And let's all bow to our vows
On this journey we can't return 


You touch I touch
You feel i feel
The heat is deep
From tit to tit
On me you flip
Your rod is hot
I am so caught
I want it in
Right in between


This journey we must return
I'm not your queen
Won't feel you in.

Ding Dong!
I am His child
I can't be wild
I bow to my vows.
Yes, i shan't taboo.
[Door Slammed]

Authored by:

Senyo K. Hosi as Ablah
Richard Bansah as Nii

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