15.06.2006 Press Release

New Ga Mantse

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DR Jo Blankson, 63, (above), a member of the National Development Planning Commission, has been installed the new Ga Mantse under the stool name King Tackie Tawiah III, the Ghana News Agency reports.

Dr Blankson, who is also a member of the Law Review Commission, succeeds the late Nii Amugi II.
Nii Akropong III, head of Teiko Tsuru Royal House of Numo Tete, Nai Wulome, spiritual head of the Ga State, presided over the installation of the new Chief, a statement issued in Accra on Tuesday said.

The statement said King Tackie Tawiah III was installed at midnight on June 11. It said in his prayers, the Nai Wulomo said by following the long custom of the Gas and in conformity with laid down traditions “the new King would be reinforced in spirit to guide the Ga people to a new level of progress ands prosperity.”

Meanwhile, a faction of the Ga Royal family has questioned the propriety of the installation of the new Ga Mantse and has declared it null and void.

Mr Henry Vanderpuje, a spokesman for the Ga Dsase, the kingmakers one of the ruling houses in the Ga state, told the Times yesterday that the alleged installation is against Ga customs, practices and conventions.

He said it was uncustomary for a new chief to be installed while the Ga Mantse Nii Amugi II has not been buried.

Secondly, he said, the purported installation of the Ga Mantse by the Nai Wulomo, the Chief Priest of the Gas taste was also uncustomary.

He explained that it is rather the Sakumo Wulomo who has the sole prerogative to perform rites to install a Ga Mantse.

Mr Vanderpuye further explained that the Dzasetse who must perform the burial of the late Nii Amugi was only recently installed, saying at the time of Nii Amugi's death there was no Dzasetse.

He said the succession to the Ga stool is determined by rotation among four ruling houses namely, Amugi We, Tackie Kommey We, Teiko Tsuru We and Abola Piam We.

He said it was generally accepted that it was the turn of the Abola Piam We to produce a Ga Mantse and therefore considered the nomination and installation of Dr Blankson, who he said was from Teiko Tsuru We as wrong.

He accused Nii Akropong of being part of a “grand conspiracy to deceive the world and bring confusion into Ga Chieftaincy affairs.”

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