23.05.2020 Regional News

Ahafo REGSEC Opens All Weekly Market Centers Under Strict Social Distancing

Ahafo REGSEC Opens All Weekly Market Centers Under Strict Social Distancing
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The Ahafo Regional Security Council, Municipal District Chief Executives (MDCEs) and Council of Ahafo Chiefs assured the general public that, the additional closure of all weekly market centers, closure of everyday market on a weekly day and the directives given to all tricycle operators (PRAGIA) and all the other measures will be reviewed when the additional two weeks expire.

Many people have eulogised the Authorities and the entire people of the Ahafo Region for their comportment amid this stubborn virus.

Ahafo Region is among the regions which have not recorded a single case of Coronavirus Pandemic in Ghana. There was an imported case from Obuasi to Derma in the Ahafo Region but there has not been any positive case.

The Coronavirus Pandemic is hitting the world so hard and leaving millions of people perplex.

Many are dangling into a total pool of palpitations because, this Pandemic has infected close to five million (5 M) people globally and nearly three hundred and twenty-four thousand people have passed on worldwide while 1.7 million recoveries. According to the World Health Organisation's Executive Director Emergencies, Dr. Mike Ryan.

'I believe there was approximately thirty-five operatives paragraph in the resolution, one of which deals with the idea of evaluation, thirty-four of which dealt with how to end this Pandemic, and how to do that fairly. The actual operative paragraph, just before the one relates to evaluation was actually focused on scaling up development, manufacturing, distribution capacities needed for transplant equitable and timely access to safe, quality, affordable and efficacious diagnostic therapeutics and medicines, and many others are quite similar' Dr. Ryan stressed.

The chairman of the Ahafo Regional Security Council, who is the Regional Minister and serves the good people of Asunafo North Constituency as their legislator, Hon. Evans Opoku Bobie chaired the meeting today.

The minister commended the general public for their great commitment and obedience to the directives by the REGSEC for the past weeks.

After an extensive racking of brains, all the Paramount Chiefs, Courtiers, MDCEs and the Security officials came to a consensus that, there will be more strict enforcement on the directives given to all the tricycles riders (Pragia) All the riders must take note that, they are to maintain the two passengers and make sure passengers are sanitised with an alcohol-based Sanitiser while wearing their nose mask before they set off to their destination. Whoever flouts these directives shall face the full rigorous of the law without any alibi.

All ABOBOYAA RIDERS are to carry goods only. No passenger is permitted.

The Ahafo REGSEC stated emphatically that, all traders in the various everyday market centers in the region must continue to adhere to the social distancing protocol, this will help them to triumph over the Coronavirus.

They cautioned the market women and men not to allow their customers to touch their products in turns before making their final choice by exercising the purchasing power. Such a habit is so uncivilized on the part of customers and ought to be avoided without any hesitation.

In a unanimous decision, the Ahafo Regional Security Council, chaired by Hon. Evans Opoku Bobie has opened all the weekly market centers and the daily markets which were closed on a weekly basis.

The Authorities within the region have been tasked to ensure proper social distancing in all the market centers.

It is mandatory for every tom, dick, and harry to wear a nose mask before going to the market centers. The National Road Safety Commission has commended the Ahafo Region for their great work against the Coronavirus Pandemic and encouraged them to keep on with the good work.

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