21.05.2020 Feature Article

COVID-19 Versus Electoral Register: The EC Should Answer Me

COVID-19 Versus Electoral Register: The EC Should Answer Me
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After reading the guidelines purported to have been issued by the Electoral Commission of Ghana, concerning how to compile a new register vis-a-vis the ravaging coronavirus, Covid-19, I've come out with questions that the patriotic Ghanaian would ask the EC to scrutinise their good intentions for Ghana's continuous peaceful atmosphere.

They're as follows:

1. Will you (the voter) be allowed to register if you show symptoms of the virus after going through the procedure, anaa yɛbɛma w'akɔ fie?

2. Is it the same budget presented to Ghanaians that are going to cater for the additional staff doing the Covid-19 testing thing, ɛne PPEs a ɔmo bɛtɔ, thermometer guns, ne adeade a ɛkekaho no nyinaaa?

3. Sɛ yefiri obi na ɔyɛ positive a, can the other parties apart from the NPP have their expertise to verify such a patient's condition and pronounce otherwise? Or the registering candidate will pass through all the testing hands of experts selected by all the political parties in Ghana, ɛsan sɛ obiara suro sɛ yɛbɛtumi afa saa kwan wei so ayi ne nkrofuoɔ afiri dintwerɛ krataa nom?

Yɛnim sɛ, mpɛsua biara so no, MP biara polling station agents nim obiara ne ne party a ɔwom.

Medeɛ, anka mefoa so sɛ yɛntwerɛ abatoɔ din nwoma no bio, nanso, yadeɛ wei ne ɛkwan a ɛfaso sane no, sɛ ɔmo anhwɛ yie a, ɔmo de hooyɛ na ɛbɛba ɔman yi mu.

The old Major Boakye Gyan may have expressed his views emotionally enough, sounding war trumpet. He's been picked by the law enforcers.

The NDC party he belongs to opposed from day one the idea of compiling a new register for the 2020 elections. It's time the incumbent government, led by President Akuffo Addo, forgo conventions of not interfering in the constitutional mandates of the Electoral Commission, to avoid the God forbid bloodbath Major Boakye Gyan predicted.

He's been there before. We read his legendary in the arms insurrection that brought Flt Lt Rawlings to power. He's aware of triggers of war. We should allow him to enjoy the resting of his old bones, and look into it, the best way to elect the next leader, rather than this kokoasasɛm yi a EC no reyɛ no.

Ghana yɛ yɛn nyinaa dea, obiara ntumi nnka obi kasaboɔ nnhyɛ ne yam. Yɛ nntena hɔ, mmfa yɛnsa nnhyɛ y'adamirifam, mma ɔman no nwiri nngu ɛssan saa abatoɔ yi nti.

Long live Ghana!

Written by: Charles Yeboah (Sir Lord)

The Founder Of One Ghana Movement (#1GhM)

Email: [email protected]

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