20.05.2020 Technology

Technology And The Job Market After Covid-19

By Joana Abbiw, Center Manager - NIIT Tema
Joana Abbiw, Center Manager - NIIT TemaJoana Abbiw, Center Manager - NIIT Tema
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It is not so clear how the world will transform the job market after we get the novel coronavirus under control. What we are sure of though, is that things will not go back to the way they were before. One thing is for certain, there will be changes in how we work, learn, produce, and even seek medical services.

A lot of organizations have been greatly affected by this situation. We have witnessed how companies that are into hotel, travel, tour, airline, and sporting events have been negatively impacted. Some have had to downsize their employees. However, companies with a strong digital presence like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are still strong because of the huge demand for their services in this unfortunate situation. What does this tell us? The world is going DIGITAL.

In a post-coronavirus world, we will require human creativity to design and cook up fresh ideas and methods of working.

Technologies such as virtual private networks, Big Data, cloud computing, AI, robotics, etc. will make society and businesses more resilient to withstand the negative effects of like COVID 19 and future pandemics, and people with the right technologies skill set and can help companies exploit these will be in good positions.

Technology has played a very crucial role in keeping society and businesses functioning. Companies that have been able to come up with ways to deliver services virtually like NIIT Ghana ( has done and so can weather the storm better.

We have all seen the spike in fake news and misrepresentations of data during this pandemic, and the way governments, leaders and businesses, are all trying to shift blame. With the right data, organizations are more likely to foresee the effect of future business interruptions and will be in a better position to serve clients with the goods and services required. However, it is useless to an organization unless there are professionals with skills in data science to interpret data to make those informed decisions.

People who can keep the digital business running during economic downturns in situations like COVID-19, which has made direct contact business impossible or less efficient will be on the must-hire list.

Most organizations are all digitally based so opportunities for professionals with the digital skills are endless and their roles in the fresh job market will be even more important.

The good news is that improving your skills has become so easy and accessible with the introduction of NIITs JobFactory online/blended program. What are you waiting for? Start learning real technical skills that can land you a job. (

You must See this disruption of normal life due to COVID-19 as an opportunity to improve your skills so that you can also be ready for the new job market.

Our Digital Future is Not Just Hype … “Digitize” or Get Left Behind!

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