Can a Voracious Poisonous Snake ever become a Trusted Pet?

Feature Article Can a Voracious Poisonous Snake ever become a Trusted Pet?
MAY 20, 2020 LISTEN

On my way home from work, and nearing my home, I had an intuitional message. The message was in a question form and it kept being asked, can you ever tame a voracious poisonous snake to ever become your trusted pet without it ever attempting to bite, or biting, you, when it becomes hungry or starved?

The answer to the question came across as, a poisonous snake can never become your trusted friend regardless of how best you train and tame (changed from the wild or savage state) it. When it gets angry, confused or hungry, its inherent savageness will resurface. That quality can never be taken away from it. It will always be poisonous and dangerous. Even if you remove its venomous fangs and glands, it will still wrap itself around you to suffocate you if it decides to.

Again, it is said, “the tsetse fly does never lose its taste for blood” or “blood does never quit the head of the tsetse fly”. From this, the message the intuitional voice was carrying across was all about a warning to certain Kumawuman persons or dignitaries. There is allegedly a woman in Kumawu who is noted for her extreme wickedness and unforgiving spirit once you cross her path. When she falls out with you, she taking an offence and same believing that you have not yielded into her exploitations, you are doomed forever as far as she is concerned.

When you happen to reconcile with her, she will still let her unforgiving spirit control her whenever you are in her presence. She will only remember how you had offended her by not succumbing to her wishes but not your good old times hence becoming the proverbial tsetse fly. She will deal drastically with you even if it is to dispatch you to the land of our departed ancestors to come back no more.

Therefore, he who deals with any wicked person in a “friendly, friendly” manner after a fallout must always tread carefully in the person’s presence. Is this admonition not even backed by an Akan proverb that goes, “When a mad man is healed of his madness, there is always a bit of madness left in him with which to frighten off children” or “being smiley on the face while being abusive behind your back”

Those now being persuaded for whatever reason to become close friends with that wicked woman, please start writing your last wishes for you are just a step away from the land of our ancestors. You will soon prematurely be making the journey to the land of no return.

I love my Kumawuman compatriots and the entire citizens of Ghana hence always advising you and making suggestions, the approval and implementation of which will culminate in the realisation of the collective interests of all to rid us of unknowingly selling ourselves to wicked foreign domination. But does any such wicked woman exists? I don’t know. However, your guess is as good as mine.


Do not accept anything in the form of food, drink or clothes from anyone you once fell out with because of their perceived and/or known acts of wickedness. Be careful how you relate to such person’s friends as the saying goes, “The friends of my friends are my friends and the enemies of my friends are my enemies”. Her friends can still see you as their enemy as long as the once offended woman or person has not forgiven you from the bottom of her heart. By that, her friends can execute same acts of wickedness on your in behalf, and in favour, of, that wicked woman.

When you visit such a person and you are offered a chair or a cup, please don’t accept the one you are offered but swap them.

To conclude, I say, a word to the wise is enough and the small snail that always treads cautiously will grow into a bigger snail. Let he who understands proverbs break this enigmatic code. Can you give it a go, oh Kumawuman citizen?

Rockson Adofo

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

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