National Peace Council Is The Most Dishonest Entity In The History Of This Country — Concerned Women Ghana

By Mustapha Attractive
Politics National Peace Council  Is The Most Dishonest Entity In The History Of This Country — Concerned Women Ghana
MAY 20, 2020 LISTEN

Each time the National Peace Council forms an opinion about happenings in the country, it reaffirms the perception that it has become the most dishonest entity in the history of this country. Unfortunately, there are some compromised ones whose behaviors always obscured the honesty of the few who try to do what is right.

Apologies to the few honest ones who have found themselves in this “age-old bias” Institution that had repeatedly in recent times rendered our nation’s peace vulnerable.

The National Peace Council’s ability to act in accordance with moral independence is of doubtful capacity and sadly, leadership’s inability to exhibit a two-way justice leaves the institution’s credibility questionable and on the other hand, justifies the suspicion of the National Peace Council being dishonest and overly bias.

In the matter of the EC and new Register, we hoped the National Peace Council would display that quality of having experience, sagacity and good judgement but surprisingly, this institution once again, was overwhelmed and stampeded by desires rather than objective morality and the rule that defines correct procedures in our Electoral system.

Evidentially, there is suspicion with good reason, apropos the Electoral Commission’s activities ahead of the 2020 general election. Issues have been raised backed with strong evidence of which legal processes could be breached by the EC in its quest to compile a new register, thereby forcing electoral reforms on Ghanaians. We wish to register our displeasure with the response coming from an autonomous body that is mandated to prevent, manage and resolve conflict and foster peace.

“The Electoral Commission should be left to do it’s work”. A statement that cannot be said to be nonpartial considering the National Peace Council’s earlier positions on the Electoral Commission under a different regime.

As peace-loving women group, we will condemn and rise against any institution or persons whose action invites tension in this country. We challenge peace-loving Ghanaians to, without fear or favor, rise up to the task and condemn suspicious behaviors so as to ensure the peace we are enjoying today is not compromised.

We are sad to say, someday, Ghanaians will accuse the National Peace Council of fomenting political unrest if something doesn’t change now.

Be bold and speak now!

Don’t forget to ‘mask it up’ and stay safe!


Signed:Annette Enyo

Executive Secretary


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Mustapha Attractive
Mustapha Attractive


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