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Let’s Think Pro-actively To Mitigate COVID-19 Impact—Rev Danquah

By Naabenyin Joojo Amissah
Let’s Think Pro-actively To Mitigate COVID-19 Impact—Rev Danquah
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A distinguished entrepreneur, Rev Obed Danquah has underscored the need for pro-active thinking in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic that has grounded many economies.

He, has therefore, passionately appealed to both employers and employees to think pro-actively to be able to mitigate the socio-economic impact of the ravaging coronavirus-Covid 19.

“We are never in normal times therefore employers and employees must necessarily find a common ground that will be mutually beneficial in this turbulent times”. He said.


A lot of businesses are struggling to stand firm while others have already folded up with several others just hoping against hopes all as a result of the concomitant effects of the pandemic.

Due to this, there is growing anxiety among several business owners, employers and employees as redeployment, pay cut and redundancy appeal eminent in the face of the circumstance.

In an interview with The Chronicle, the astute entrepreneur stated that “Well-structured and robust economies around the world have all come to their knees following the Covid 19”

This, he said, has led to an unprecedented collapse of businesses and enterprises leading to thousands of job loses that have rendered several thousands unemployed in the process.

According to Rev Danquah, this devastating situation that has brought about severe global social economic hardship, has also led to a tense feud among employers and employees.

He added: “It is extremely difficult for any business owner at this stage and this include the reasons some workers have been laid off whereas others are being forced to take a pay cut”.

In his views, the situation is quite unpleasant but both parties could come together to mutually have a plan that would lead to a win-win situation for all.

“As entrepreneurs, we have been pushed to a very difficult situation at this point especially when our desires have been to increase productivity at all levels so as to remain competitive”. He stressed.

Employees, he said, were major assets who formed an integral part of every organisation for which reason their relevance could not be overlooked.

The severity of the ravaging virus and its adverse effects, he said, called for engagements between employers and employees so that a mutual consensus could be reached.

He advised, “We must work together as wise men and women to sustain the business or perish together as fools”.

In spite of the raging difficulties, some organisations, he said were still paying their staff so as to cushion them in the face of the calamity that has befallen the world.

Employees, he advised, must go to the negotiation table with their employers to have amicable settlement without resorting to legal ligations as the first option.

He, however, disagreed with calls for employees to be laid off as the result of the difficulties employers must be facing in the ensuing circumstance following the coronavirus.

According to him, there would still be life after the pandemic and therefore appealed to employers and their employees to mutually coexist in this hard time and seek God’s intervention.

Reverend Obed Danquah, is the founder of Morgan International Community School at Gomoa Manso in the Central Region.

The renowned entrepreneur currently takes an interest in the writing of books. He recently developed a concept known as Kristopreneurship.

The concept consists of how Christ ( Kristo) relates to Entrepreneurs in wealth creation.

The word Kristopreneurship has formally been registered at the Copyright Society of Ghana.

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