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Innovation: How To Find A Service Provider Without Going Out Amidst Coronavirus

By Caruthers Tetteh, 1st class graduate of UCC Law
Innovation: How To Find A Service Provider Without Going Out Amidst Coronavirus
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Will Coronavirus Accelerate The Future Of Work In Africa? This has been the question lingering through my mind couple of months ago before the birth of EADfix.

I doubt if things will return to normal in the African market place after COVID-19. After this pandemic, we will be entering into a new marketplace. Education, healthcare, financial services and all other sectors are and will experience a shift after this crisis. There is already and will continue to be a serious disruption in workplace culture across Africa. COVID-19 has caused rapid digitization in key sectors across Africa in the last few weeks and the spread of new technologies are ushering in a new era of economic disruption.

Sometimes when I look at the African continent especially my country Ghana, I feel we are not aware of what is coming regarding how the future workforce and marketplace will look like. The COVID-19 crisis is and will push Africans to be intentional at adopting new thinking, new solutions, new skills and new ways of doing business. Professionals and businesses should be worried about the impact the disruption by COVID-19 is causing and will cause for the next few weeks and months.

Now across the continent, from Ghana to Nigeria to Kenya to Zimbabwe to Malawi, educational institutions who never took online education began to turn to virtual learning options to keep educating their students, churches and religious leaders using digital platforms to reach out to their followers, conference and workshop organizers depending on online conferencing platforms to run virtual events, mental health workers and counselors leveraging on digital platforms (telemedicine) to connect with those in need of their services, the high use of fintech solutions by even the common man is on the rise the way we buy and access financial services is changing, cybersecurity is and will be on the rise because the more people work from home there is high risk of cyber attacks among many others.

One of the things that we can all agree on, and have witnessed across the globe is how important digital solutions and the internet has become in our society and in our economies. And while access to the internet and these digital solutions is still not readily available to about 4 billion (!) people, many of these tools have enable companies to leverage the power of the internet to reach and impact the lives of people that don't have.

Truthfully, if you weren't sure if digital was the way to go for your business before now, it's time to look at your options again. For many businesses there lies a huge opportunity to retain and attract customers by moving your offline services to a digital offering. Think about the high value products and services that you have that you can sell online through your own online store or other platforms, and events that you can host virtually using virtual summit tools, or moving your consultations to digital meeting rooms and increase interaction using collaboration tools. And guess what? It's been proven likely that you will be able to cut significantly on costs, increase productivity and efficiency to name a few advantages.

Realizing that both consumers and businesses are struggling in an economic recession, we had to find a way to serve those sufferers specifically, with different pricing structure or new opportunities they can leverage to make it through. This is not the time to commercialise on the back of the crisis because we're genuine in our outreach.

In a recession, people will make hard choices about what to cut out of their lives. If you can give them a more cost-efficient alternative to what they’re cutting out, you’ll stand to win big and that has been our mantra in this few weeks.

Work places around the world will need to adjust to a new normal to keep people safe and business running smoothly. We've combined our strategic insights and operational knowledge to create our back to work Application called EADfix, helping customers prepare, protect and perform.

Technology today allows many things that are inconceivable or impractical in the past. Do you think we can use it to solve start-ups and businesses affected by the pademic?

Are you ready to discovering future solutions beyond the pandemic with EADfix App?

EAD Group of Companies has a big vision, which means we need big support from rock-solid partners interested in building a new generation of business and services with it's EADfix App which is necessary to compete and thrive in the global marketplace. Interested in supporting EADfix? There are a number of ways to get involved.

EAD Group of Companies Launchpad is an Africa-wide platform aiming to build the capacity of businesses in all African States and foster establishment of sustainable African Service Providers in the area of the advanced ever-changing EADfix App.

Thus, EADfix has launched a disruptive innovation to the general public for businesses and customers. In the wake of the COVID-19, the shutdown of nations and mandatory self-isolation to contain the spread, the EADfix App is designed to work effectively by availing a high-quality, technology-content online, inspire some high level Service Providers, and creativity towards imagining future solutions that would be relevant to the re-building of communities and livelihoods beyond the pandemic.

EAD GROUP OF COMPANIES, a fast-growing and innovation-driven company is taking a giant step in launching EADfix App. Mr.Emmanuel Gyau Addo, the Executive Director of EAD Group of Companies at the launching said ‘The EADfix App is specially designed to boost businesses by connecting verified service providers to customers in a complete, easy, absolutely reliable and timely business environs using mobile application. It exposes customers to a frustration-free world by mapping out service providers – easily locating them by just a touch away. The company's management is highly experienced and qualified with extensive experience in the industry.

Since 2018, the company takes pride in the promotion of businesses with an enviable statistics in effectively mapping out businesses accessibility. In Ghana, the total registered businesses was reported at 802176 in 2003,16 262 456 people between the ages of 15 – 65 as at July 2018 and it is our target to work with more than 2million people in the next five years using our services.

Using the EADfix App, service providers are smoothly connected to customers on the highest level that can ever be imagined. The EADfix App improves both customer and service providers’ satisfaction while keeping them protected in a safe business environment. EADfix has designed an environment and structure that will encourage productivity and respect for customers and fellow employees. It has always been a thirst-mission for EAD GROUP OF COMPANIES to help businesses increase revenues and has stuck to this worthy course since 2018 (when it was founded and registered with Ghana Registrar General). EAD GROUP OF COMPANIES officially launched the EADfix App on the 1st of May, 2020 where the App was opened to the public (Ghana). Service providers (Waste management companies, Energy Companies Repairers, Construction workers, Security Services, Marketing companies, Cleaning Companies, Transportation Companies, Healthcare officers, Home-care Services, Event Management Companies, Real estate agents, Delivery Companies, Food vendors, etc) are hereby encouraged to seize this opportunity to download the App on Google Playstore and register so they can enjoy all the benefits that comes with it. With a strong partnership between the EAD Group of Companies and service providers, we can fix the world together.

Take this golden opportunity and visit our website and social media platforms.

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