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Islam Respects All Religions - Maulvi

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The Ameer and Missionary-In-Charge, Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission, Ghana, Maulvi Wahab Adam, says that quite contrary to the often repeated allegation that Islam is intolerant of other religions.

He said the Holy Prophet of Islam, Muhammed, had affirmed the truth of all the Prophets of God and made the belief in and respect for all the founders of religions an integral part of the faith of Muslims. He described as historically incorrect the notion that Islam is a violent religion.

Maulvi Adam was contributing to a symposium at the Mission's Headquarters at Osu in Accra on Sunday to commemorate the life of the Holy Prophet of Islam. He said history testifies to the fact that the Holy Prophet of Islam possessed excellent moral qualities and defended the rights not only of humans but also of animals as well.

The Ameer said Prophet Muhammed was one person who had exerted the most positive influence on world civilization because the material, moral and spiritual transformation he brought to the world is unparalleled in the history of mankind.

He said the best tribute Muslims could pay to Prophet Muhammed was to follow his footsteps to promote harmonious relations with adherents of all faith and contribute to the unity, peace, development and progress of society.

The Head of the Inspectorate Department, Food and Drugs Board, Dr. Muhammed Alfa, on his part said simplicity and sincerity were the hallmarks of Prophet Muhammed's character; he said his generosity even towards his enemies stands unique in the annals of the world.

The function was attended by over 600 participants made up of both Muslims and non Muslims from all walks of life.

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