08.06.2006 General News

Encroachment In Waterways!!! Kumasi Hit By Floods

By Frank Otchere, Kumasi
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Encroachment on waterways by private developers is creating a lot of environmental problems in some parts of the Kumasi Metropolis.

The illegal construction of buildings and other structures on waterways and flood prone areas especially in strategic parts of the city has resulted in the creation of floods and ponds.

And true to the saying that water finds its own level, the current rains have brought to the fore the serious nature of the problem of floods and its attendant consequences.

A typical example is the TUC junction on the Santasi roundabout - Ahodjo roundabout road, which is inundated by floods anytime it rained due to massive encroachment on a confluence in the area.

Floods caused by three streams which converge near the TUC junction in most cases render the road impassable.

Meanwhile, Friends of Rivers and Water bodies, an environmental NGO which has been spearheading the campaign against environmental degradation particularly the abuse of water bodies has asked the KMA to rigidly enforce its bye-laws on illegal developmental activities.

“Enforcing the bye-laws, is the only way to check the unbridled desire of some wealthy private developers in the Metropolis to acquire and develop even water-ways and nature reserves,” said Nana Kwabena Dwomo Sarpong, President of the NGO in a chat with the media in Kumasi at the weekend.

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