Former President John Dramani Mahama is Exposed by the UK SunNewspaper in the Airbus Scandal

Feature Article Former President John Dramani Mahama is Exposed by the UK SunNewspaper in the Airbus Scandal
MAY 15, 2020 LISTEN

Just as I was relaxing in bed at around 17:00 hours (5 pm) British Summer Time, actually 4 pm in Ghana, on Thursday, 14 May 2020, I received a video on my WhatsApp platform or page. When I checked it, I could see an unknown Ghanaian, surely residing in the United Kingdom, showing a Sun Newspaper in a selfie video explaining how former President John Dramani Mahama has been exposed as the alleged “elected Ghana government official one” in the Airbus scandal.

After watching the video, I decided to confirm the veracity of its content by dashing to a corner shop about a hundred and fifty metres away from my home to get a copy of the newspaper. When I got there, luckily, I found two copies left. Because they sell for 30 pence a copy, I bought both.

I checked page 21 of the newspaper for the story. Yes, the story was there. There is a particular statement in the story which is so convincing to point to former President John Mahama as the alleged, “elected government official one” in the UK investigations into the Airbus scandal for which Airbus agreed to a settlement of £3 billion to the UK, French and American governments to avoid any costly court prosecution and conviction.

The statement goes quote, unquote, “He then worked as a ‘travel consultant’ and said in one interview his best friend’s brother was vice-president of the country”. The “he” in the statement refers to Mr Middlemiss as indicated in the preceding paragraphs. However, Mr Middlemiss is one of the four UK citizens and a Ghanaian born UK-based citizen summoned by the Special Prosecutor, Mr Martin Amidu (Hon), to help him investigate the Airbus scandal that has tarnished the image of Ghana in the international arena as well as causing a financial loss to the state.

Now that an international newspaper, widely read by many people, especially the youngsters, because of the interest they show in specific message-columns that always appear in certain pages of the newspaper, it is no longer a secret that former President Mahama was involved in the Airbus scandal.

With the foreign newspaper involved, former President Mahama will soon be in trouble. He will have to tell Ghanaians what he knows about the bribery contrary to the views being expressed by the NDC little-minds of whom Kevin Ekow Baidoo Taylor, Sammy Gyamfi and Johnson Asiedu Nketiah figure out conspicuously.

Rockson Adofo, the son of Kumawu/Asiampa soil, who loves to arm himself to the teeth with credible documental evidence, has two copies of the Sun newspaper with him as he writes. This goes to confirm that if he tells you he has abundant credible evidence on the Kumawu chieftaincy dispute contrary to the claims by the so-called powerful traditional overlord and the judges who are probably so-induced to twist justice in favour of the otherwise guilty party, he indeed has them.

Now, former President Mahama, may end up not contesting election 2020 as promised by Mr Kwame Baffoe, alias Abronye DC. “If it is coming, it is doing” – “ereba a na eye” – a joke we used to crack.

There is a time and seasons for everything. A time for a President to steal, and a time for him to be exposed. A time for judges to accept bribes in secret to twist justice, and a time for judges to be exposed and shamed in the broad daylight. A time to plan evil against others, and a time for evil to catch you.

Asa, thank you for forwarding to me the video that has engendered this publication and my running to a corner shop to purchase copies of the Sun Newspaper for future reference.

Rockson Adofo

Thursday, 14 May 2020


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