07.06.2006 Crime & Punishment

Kyebi Strategises Against Robbers

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The Chief of Kyebi, Osabarimah Kyeretwie Boakye-Dankwa, has cautioned the youth of the town against taking the law into their hands, against the backdrop of last weekend's armed robbery attacks, which left one person dead and many others wounded.

He urged them to report any suspicious persons seen in the town to the police or any opinion leaders for the appropriate measures to be taken.

Osabarima Boakye-Dankwa was speaking at an emergency durbar at the Ofori-Panin Fie at Kyebi on Sunday, to discuss how to check further attacks by armed robbers and to maintain discipline and environmental cleanliness.

He expressed regret that despite the claim that the current generation was living in an era of scientific advancement, the bahaviour of some people in the town fell short of what was happening during the era of ancestors, when life and property were protected from outside attack, the environment well maintained and the society was disciplined.

Osabarima Boakye-Dankwa asked all residents to think of how to contribute their quota to make Kyebi a disciplined, clean and peaceful place.

He referred to about five recent armed robbery cases in Kyebi and its environs and noted that steps taken to contain the situation were not sustained resulting in the death of a person, who he described as “a gentleman and a good citizen” who was always concerned about the well-being of the town and the country.

A member of the Council of State, Mr. Yaw Guggisburg Asante, advised the traditional authorities to meet with the district assembly to find out ways of helping to provide the police with the necessary resources to enable them to work efficiently, while other measures were being considered.

According to him, the Divisional Police Headquarters in the town had only one vehicle and lacked adequate housing and telephone facilities.

He hoped the people would help resolve the problems facing the police to promote security.

Last Friday night, a group of armed robbers attacked seven houses in the Oman suburb of Kyebi, killed one Kwaku Temeng and wounded a number of residents before fleeing with their booty.

By the time the youth of the town and the police could be mobilized and rush to the area, the armed robbers had fled.

Following reports that earlier in the day, some students of the Kibi Technical Institute were seen in military like uniforms, similar to what the armed robbers wore the irate youth allegedly attacked the institute and wounded some students and teachers.

Two of the students allegedly found with the military uniforms were arrested and handed over to the police.

Other people found loitering around a second cycle school in the town, were also arrested and handed over to the police for investigation.

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