13.05.2020 Poem

A Mama at Will (Poetry)

By Senyo Hosi
A Mama at Will (Poetry)
LISTEN MAY 13, 2020

Ring Ring Ring
Off goes the alarm thing
Looking for my darling
I scream, Honey!
My shoes, my watch, my phone, my belt, my socks
I'm lost

She smiles and says
I'm here
No fear
And yes, she's there

It's morn,
All done
Ready to get gone
Stop! She says
It's time to pray
Today, Our God your life must reign
I kneel
My life, her love, I feel

In all my strife
I know I win cos she is my wife
She drives my wealth
And keeps all I birth
And there she is
A Mama at Will!

And O, her career
She shifts, to be my home bearer
She risked so much
So I make that much
She keeps my home
And is my dome.
My kids they thrive
Cos she's the Mom they have.
Absent is me
Present is she
She keeps it so right
My absence can't bite.
Large and in charge
She is the Mama
A Mama that bears.

You see my home
And think I own
You sure don't know
Hush hush hush
You better don't rush
I am who I am
Because she's mine
She mothers my kids
And spurs my bids.
I dare to win
Cos she's there to care
For what to me is my weightiest bear

My Kids.

_A tribute to the Mother of my children_

*By: Senyo Hosi, 10th May 2020*

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