COVID-19: Ghana Faces "Doom" If EC Is Not Stopped Now—Scientist

By Samuel Dowuona
Headlines COVID-19: Ghana Faces
MAY 10, 2020 LISTEN

Ghanaian Engineer and Scientist, Ing. Dr. Bright Atsu Sogbey has warned that Ghana is heading for catastrophe if President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo does not stop Electoral Commission from going ahead with the planned voters' register update for elections 2020.

Dr. Sogbey, who is the President of Science and Technology Advocacy Renaissance for Africa, stated "Ghana is heading for doom, if the President in his own wisdom, does not act wisely as King steer affairs of the country to safety as Ghana prepares for elections 2020."

Since the lifting of the Covid-19 partial lockdown weeks ago, the EC has been taking steps to start the voters registration exercise, in spite of a court injunction against their move.

Opposition party figures have been raising objections at the moves of the EC, while incumbent party members insist the EC must be allowed to do their work.

But Dr. Sogbey argued in a write up, copied to ModernGhana that the compilation of a new voters register doesn't guarantee any political party winning 2020 elections, but surely guarantees escalation in infection and death rates of COVID-19 when over 20 million Ghanaians are forced to queue for registration for a new voters register.

"In the current situation where COVID-19 confirmed cases have reached over 4,000 while death toll inches up, one does not need to be a rocket scientist to predict the catastrophic nature of this pandemic for Ghana hence the need for a timely intervention by the Head of State," he insisted.

He said the alarming nature of the rate of infection and death, is a clear indication that, but for timely intervention by the President, Ghana's situation would have been far worse than that of the developed countries, as Ghana's limited capacity will soon be overwhelmed.

Ing. Sogbey noted that in the face of the fast-rising Covid-19 infections, EC may compile a new voters register alright, but may not be able to carry out elections 2020, saying that the exercise threatens to even worsen Covid-19 infections and deaths.

He there called on all Ghanaians to speak up, saying, "We have to get involved, we are citizens, Ghana is calling us, decision making is not a one man's show, government never for one man, we are all sinking in a common boat, we have to get involved for the rescue. "

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