10.05.2020 Poem


By Prince Ayerakwa
LISTEN MAY 10, 2020

The nodes of all love
The central place of charity and tenderly care
That pilot mankind through the tunnel of earthly home
Our Indefatigable lawyers
Our "God" of defense
Our "Rock" of refuge who
hide and shelter us despite our countless time of unfaithfulness and lawlessness
Establishing themselves in our lives as the "Hosea's" of our Gomer's
What An amazing love!

Their source of knowledge is incomprehensible
Ranging from medical Doctors, Engineers, Seamstress, pastors and nothing less than a beacon of hope
Whatever they say determine who we become
For it is a law of nature
Nature acknowledes her worth
And attach a blessing to her
That whoever obeys her may live long
All that we are, or ever hope to be, we owe to our priceless mothers

Motherhood is the heartbeat of the home
Without them, the mind wanders
And the heart is coiled in confusion
Mothers ponder over our survival-what we will eat and drink
While we sleep and snore, they don't
In their heart lies thousands of lullabies
To call and lull us to sleep
They understand what we motion to them
or don't even say

Their strength indeed is greater than natural laws
A glorious life force that directs us through the tightropes and uncertainties of life
We were not born with a manual, we came with a mother
as our innate and instinctive philosophers
Whose influence is incalculable
They are the feathers that cloth the eaglet to become an eagle
They are the colours that brighten the fabrics
And the thread that holds the pieces together

when life bares it teeth to us in antagonism
Friends abscond
And Society abandon us
But Mothers still stick to us
Their love is inseparable
They are bred-in-the-bone followers till we depart this Earth

Tomorrow when you wake up and realized how far you have come and made it in life
Then you owe it to your mother
A mother who was unselfish to your progress.

Happy Mother's Day to all Responsible Mothers

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