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Ghanaians, be Grateful to God for Giving you a Visionary and Honest Leader - President Nana Akufo-Addo

Ghanaians, be Grateful to God for Giving you a Visionary and Honest Leader - President Nana Akufo-Addo
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Wow!, what a visionary, honest and bold leader His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo is. His actions speak louder than words. He is a man of his words and indeed, walks his talks. He believes in Ghana weaning herself off the dependency on foreign aid hence resolutely determined to get Ghana off the foreign-donor-dependency on which it has always inextricably been hooked onto.

In case his government has so far not lived fully up to our expectation, he, as a person, is sincerely on course to delivering his policies, especially in the domain of eventually getting Ghana off her shameful denigrating-dependency on foreigners for our basic needs all the time. His many promises which he is gradually delivering, are all tailored toward making Ghana self-sufficient and less dependent on, if not completely weaned off, foreign aid. Our dependency on foreigners for almost all our basic needs is what is charting the dangerous path for foreigners like the Chinese to take over African countries to make us resident-slaves in our own countries or land, unlike when Africans were transported outside the continent and made slaves in foreign lands centuries ago.

The free Senior High School education (Free SHS), the industrialisation of Ghana through the One District One Factory (1D1F), One Village One Dam (1V1D) in the northern part of Ghana, Planting for Food and Jobs, attempts to stop the illegal surface mining (galamsey) dominated by the Chinese, just to mention a few, are all worthy of purpose. All the implemented policies and programmes are for the ultimate liberation of Ghana from foreign domination come about through our dependency on them.

Despite the challenges being faced by some of his policies, they are all steps taken in the right direction if Ghanaians would only bear with him a little while, understanding the eventual collective benefits the programmes will yield to Ghanaians. I trust he has the wherewithal to deliver his promises. He is well focused, honest and resolutely determined despite the public perception, or the factual belief, that some of his appointees are corrupt. Does he not quickly refer his alleged corrupt officials to some investigative bodies to be investigated?

Watch the video below out of many on such his encounters with foreign leaders. It takes only an audacious and farsighted African leader to speak such words without fear of persecution.

I entreat all Ghanaians as well as black Africans, to bear in mind that we have a very steep mountain to climb in our quest to be decently self-sufficient and materially prosperous. There are many allegations, call them conspiracy theories if you want, that are being bandied around that some people are on a mission to reduce the population of, or exterminate, the black race. From some of the theories as are supported by video recordings, I tend to believe them.

Watch the video below as authored by a New York City hospital nurse weeping for black people because of how some black patients are intentionally killed against medical ethics. Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, various nurses or sympathetic frontline health workers have come out to warn people, especially black people, to stay home to stay safe, or else, when you are taken to the hospital suffering from coronavirus disease, your chances of survival is slim, if you were not intentionally killed as the New York City hospital nurse is tearfully alleging.

We can only avoid this dehumanizing fate if we behaved as rational human beings to not do things that will make it difficult for us to be self-sufficient to some degree to cease our dependency on foreigners, the only avenue for them to treat us as they do. We have to stop the official corruption where our leaders, politicians and top civil servants, constantly embezzle state funds and assets, depriving the nation of the needed funds to develop the country for the collective interests of all. If our African countries were developed, and we are able to produce most of our basic needs, will some foreigners elsewhere see us nonentities only worthy of extermination? No!

I invite every Ghanaian to seriously cogitate about how our fate shall be in the near future should we stupidly, intransigently wobble in indecision, lack of farsightedness, support for official corruption because of tribalism, inferiority complex, veneration of our traditional overlords, and what we selfishly stand to gain as an individual at the expense of our collective interests.

I am here not to do politics in the midst of Ghana battling deadly Covid-19 pandemic, inasmuch as Ghanaians can see the light, understand and behave responsibly to avoid the maliciously intentional death ominously descending on us, I shall entreat them to vote for a visionary leader with the love of the nation at the centre of whatever he does. It is all about your future and that of your offspring or the future generations.

A word to the wise, is sufficient.
Rockson Adofo
Saturday, 9 May 2020

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