09.05.2020 Press Release

A Happy Mother's Day In Advance—Volta NDC Women's Wing

By Tulasi Mathias
A Happy Mother's Day In Advance—Volta NDC Women's Wing
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As tomorrow marks Mother's Day across the globe. On behalf of the Volta Regional women's wing of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), we wish to congratulate all mothers for the sacrificial works they are continually doing in order to keep their families.

Mothers are people that are specifically crafted with skills to manage all situations to perfection and put smiles on the faces of their children against all odds we are expecting more to be done in that direction even in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic.

The current pandemic should not make any of you relent on playing vital roles in shaping the nation by nurturing our leaders from infancy, and in providing guidance and support.

As we salute Ghanaian mothers for their great contributions toward mother Ghana over the decades.

It is important and prudent on our part as women leaders of the opposition National Democratic Congress in the Volta Region, to drive home a very serious point on issues concerning women empowerment.

It should be in our collective interest and sacred duty as a country to empower women.

Empowering women in Ghana is extremely necessary for promoting gender equality. In ensuring gender equality the first step is to empower women.

Why is it that, after so much awareness and acknowledgment of a woman's contributions to life, society, family and work; saluting her strength, resilience, sacrifice she is still considered only second to men and treated like a second rate citizen?

Society should be made to come to the realisation that women are not only made to handle household chores or take responsibility for home and family.

As mothers, we know the challenges and rewards of being an adviser, mentor and friend to your children.

We are especially mindful of the exceptional commitment of single mothers and mothers with special needs.

We must be quick to add that mothers across the country must make sure they adhere to all precautionary measures outlined to fight against COVID-19 at all times and make it a sacred duty to ensure members of their families also do accordingly.

We cannot end this piece without congratulating Hon Angela Oforiwa Alorwu Tay and Hon Dr. Adiku Heloo, MPs for Afadjato South, and Hohoe Constituency respectively for been adjudged among the top ten(10) most vocal female MPs in parliament for the year 2019.

Their recognition and achievement should inspire and challenge all women in the Volta Region and beyond.

Once again, we salute all mothers on this special occasion and we wish you all more grace, strength, happiness, long life, and God's protection as we celebrate mothers.

Hon Fafa Agbai
(Regional Women Organiser)
Mrs Marian J.A. Adzroe
(Deputy Regional Women Organiser)
Madam Aku Sika Akpene
(Deputy Regional Women Organiser)

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