08.05.2020 Poem

Sweet Taboo Poetry: Anguished Ablah [Episode 1]

By Senyo Hosi
Sweet Taboo Poetry: Anguished Ablah [Episode 1]
LISTEN MAY 8, 2020

Sitting, I stare
I am falling where I fear
I shriek, how dare me dare
Where I dare not dare.

Well before the day shall break,
I lay awake,
In heart, I ache
My feeling, I struggle to fake
Love’s bars, I pray I break.

Sweet hot, horny chills I feel within
My thoughts wander nowhere but him
Only hell knows what I’ll do to him
With him within.
Alone, his kiss, his touch I yearn
As though its miss, my life shall burn

Day dreaming what will happen when we meet.
Like butter on heat
His feel I melt
And yes I’m wet.
Urgent, I need an abode
I’m about to explode

This thing is real
No, no it can’t be real.
Why feel this way
When I can’t have my way?
How did it happen
That my heart’s so deep in?
This is not me!

I swore I can never be swept off my feet
But here I am flat beneath
Far and wide
I want his ride
I swore I will overcome
But here I am, wet and rather wanna come
Speechless and helpless
How do I overcome?

Hands, mine filled,
His filled
Laying in the right warmth, I long for him to share my quilt
Guilt Guilt Guilt
I feel it not.
Right Right Right,
I wish it but will it not.
Wrong Wrong Wrong
This, I do not belong

Ding Dong
This must stop
Before I get a boo
Oh! What a sweet taboo?

_Anguished Ablah_

Authored by *Senyo Hosi*

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