Quest deploys innovative solutions to take Ghana Digital

Feature Article Quest deploys innovative solutions to take Ghana Digital
MAY 8, 2020 LISTEN

Innovation in the technology industry has never reached its peak over centuries.

And whiles some Countries have made advanced progress with digitization of their economies, Ghana for one is still making plans to transit from the manual ways of doing things to going full digital.

With the current technology systems in Ghana and most part of Africa inherent with offline services, Quest system has come in the picture with 24-hour live transactions and business operations.

Quest Systems Limited, a technology innovation development, deployment and consulting company with its head office at Oyarifa, Accra has brought to the Ghanaian scene a full power packed IT expertise that seeks to take the whole country digital by the year 2025.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Quest systems, Mr Ernest Ofori Yirenkyi, Quest system does IT Consultancy Services, develops applications and software’s, and financial technology solutions. The implementation of Quest Financial technology solutions for instance is able to provide a reliable and secured platform (using private blockchain technology) for District Assemblies and it citizens, NGOs, and Private Firms to transact businesses without making physical contact. The use of physical cash is also eliminated gradually since Quest uses NFC cards which wallet can be loaded with electronic money for buying, selling, and payment for services, taxes, birth certificates, death certificates, among others.

The Business Development Manager of Quest Systems, added that, the company offers it client access to live transactions monitoring from a mobile phone or computer. He added that with drones, Quest help keep check on current issues happening live at the market centers and report to the appropriate security authorities for immediate intervention.

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