63-Year-Old Cameroonian Arrested For Stealing Dollars From Forex Bureau

Crime & Punishment 63-Year-Old Cameroonian Arrested For Stealing Dollars From Forex Bureau
MAY 7, 2020 LISTEN

A 63-year-old Cameroonian has been nabbed by the Airport police for allegedly stealing some dollars from a Forex Bureau operator at Marina Mall at Airport, Accra.

According to the police, the suspect, identified as Nkot Nkot, entered the Forex Bureau to exchange dollars into cedis and in the process stole some of the dollars from the operator.

The Accra Regional Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Effia Tenge, told DAILY GUIDE that the suspect committed the offence on May 1, 2020 around 3pm.

She said the suspect in the company of an accomplice (still at large) visited the Forex Bureau claiming to exchange $6,000 dollars into cedis.

DSP Tenge said the suspect first gave the money to the operator to count before the exchange but after counting, the suspect said he was no longer going to exchange the money and collected his dollars back.

After collecting the money, he stood there for a while pretending to have a conversation with his accomplice, after which he handed over the cash to the operator once again to do the exchange, but unknown to the operator, the suspect had taken some of the money before handing it over.

“The complainant said after receiving the money for the second time, he refused to count it again and went ahead to exchange it for the suspect and after close of work, they counted the total money made for the day and realized a shortage of $1,700 dollars.

“The complainant and his superiors went to replay their CCTV. The CCTV replay captured Nkot Nkot secretly taking part of the money before handing it over to the operator,” DSP Tenge narrated.

She said the next day the suspect visited the Forex Bureau and wanted to use the same trick to steal money again but was arrested although his accomplice managed to escape arrest.

DSP Tenge said when he was searched by the police, an amount of $6,000 dollars was found on him.

---Daily Guide

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