Health Stakeholders Commend Tema District Citizens’ Monitoring Committee for “Time With The Pros”

Feature Article Health Stakeholders Commend Tema District Citizens Monitoring Committee for Time With The Pros
MAY 6, 2020 LISTEN

The Tema District Citizens’ Monitoring Committee (DCMC) is a voluntary committee based in Tema, Accra.

The DCMC made of 15 people, is being funded through SEND Ghana (USAID People for Health Project). The DCMC has been working in the tema district since 2016 to achieve improvement in the citizens’ knowledge on their health rights and responsibilities as contained in the Ghana Health Service Patients Charter, improve maternal and child health, family planning, nutrition, enhance environmental sanitation through discussion on WASH, reduce HIV stigma and discrimination, as well as reduction in malaria, and HIV spread.

According to Mr. Thomas Adabogo, the founder of Galaxy Fun Club and a member of the Tema DCMC, he found it necessary to initiate “Time With The Pros” which is a “one-time but recurrent” whatsapp group formed with people from varying background to learn and discuss health issues. With it dynamism, the group is dissolved after an engagement. A new group is then created and expert invited to join and discuss a new topic. The whatsapp link is shared on various whatsapp platforms and facebook for anyone interested in a current topic to be considered to join.

The recent topic on the “Time With The Pros” was on the Patients’ charter. It was awesome and fascinating! Over 40 participants were online during the interaction.

SEND Ghana being a key support to the Tema DCMC applauded the initiative and urge it to continue, since it was a way for the DCMC to still reach out to its target beneficiaries in the midst of the coronavirus.

Other appreciation of the initiative came from Live Right Ghana (Tema District) Concern Health (La Dade Kotopon District), and Janok Foundation (Accra Metropolis).


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