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The Wizard Of Lies In Contemporary Ghanaian Politics; Adentan Youth Wing Writes....

The Wizard Of Lies In Contemporary Ghanaian Politics; Adentan Youth Wing Writes....
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Our attention has been drawn to a recent press engagement that saw Dr. Mahamud Bawumia, Vice president of Ghana) making all kinds of unnecessary comparison as a rebuttal to President Mahama's unprecedented achievements.

Dr. Bawumia at a media engagement on Monday said the government has ensured a resilient and buoyant economy despite the harsh conditions presented by the coronavirus pandemic. He also said the NDC government during the power crisis could not effectively manage the economy.

How on Earth could a whole vice President of the Republic of Ghana deduce himself into such needless political gymnastics in this period the country is battling with a deadly pandemic. Does this comment underpin the fact that Dr Bawumia is only interested in perpetuating falsehood against his workaholic Northern brother(John Mahama)? Dr Bawumia has no shame comparing Dumsor to COVID-19 pandemic which has claimed 18 innocent souls through no fault of theirs but was as a result of the reckless and mishandling of his incompetent government.

For the records, president Mahama in September 2016 said

“If you look at the energy sector, people keep talking about ‘dumsor’ but I will not blame anyone. I am the one who was voted as President of Ghana so I will confront it and fix it,” This statement was made after his huge investment in the Energy sector which would be reflecting in 2017.

President Mahama in his effort of ending power outages (Dumsor) procured the AMERI Power plant which added additional 250MW of power to the national grid, two Powerships which generated a total of 450 MW into Ghana’s electrical grid. These were some of the prudent measures put together by the visionary and caring John Dramani Mahama to ameliorate the power outages started over decades ago.

We were all in this country when pastors gathered at the Akosombo dam to pray and increase the water level as a way of alleviating the power crisis the country was facing under the leadership of President Kufuor.

Dr. Bawumia should be reminded that, his much sonorous and herculean promises are still hanging in the air waiting to be landed for more than 3 years in office.

(1)Every constituency is still waiting for their 1 million dollar.

(2)The villages are still waiting for their dam, which he promised 570 will be available in 2017.

(3)Ghanaians are still waiting for the 2 billion dollars Sinohydro loan and the 19 billion dollars Chinese loan.

(4)And above all, he should arrest the cedi absconded from Nsawam Prison because the exchange rate is galloping within one month of COVID-19.

I will, therefore, state emphatically without fear or favour that, Dr. Bawumia should credit himself with some level of intelligence for the seat of the Vice president is meant for serious people and not for people who engage in baseless political gymnastics. He should stop being used as a machinery for conveying needless and unproductive government information that is of no benefit to the generality of the citizenry.


Bismark Tettey

(Youth Wing P.R.O)

Adentan Constituency


Eric Lomoh

(NDC Youth Organizer)

Adentan Constituency

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