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`I Sing of a Well`, slated to premier in October

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By Chris Twum - Ghanaian Chronicle

The much awaited movie 'I Sing of a Well', which has been described as the best ever yet to be produced from Ghana, has received keen anticipation from movie lovers, who just can't wait for information on when it would be premiered.

This situation has compelled the entertainment train of The Chronicle to seek the star of the moment, Akofa Asiedu, who is the producer of the movie, to satisfy the yeaning public.

In an exclusive interaction with Mrs. Asiedu, she disclosed that the movie would be premiered in October this year, at the National Theater in Accra.

“Fans who have long waited to see me bounce back in to the industry spotlight, will have the chance to see me resurface again, and exhibit what am good at,” she added.

According to the legendary actress, the movie is her biggest project, with a budget worth more than $100,000, on the newest mini 35mm camera, sponsored by Clairmont Camera in Hollywood CA.

The actress, who enjoys cooking while not performing, hinted that her fans should expect a banging performance of a comeback after a long while.

As was being bandied about that Hollywood star Danny Glover would spice the movie, this paper can confirm that it is no more a rumor, and that he is the one to spice the movie, the actress revealed.

When Mrs. Asiedu was asked, why the long rest in the industry before coming out with a movie? The actress explained, “Most of the scripts being presented to me do not meet the standards of the Ghanaian movie sector.”

By Mrs. Asiedu's own yardstick, a well-written script should have cohesion running through the story line.

The story should be able to keep the audience in suspense, while not being able to know how it would end.

The story is set in the ancient Ghana Empire in the days of Mansa Musa, and tells of Soraya and Dume, two young lovers threatened by the arrogant Prince Wenambe, who is basking in his new found throne and alliance with Mansa Musa.

But is Mansa Musa really his friend or a slave raider himself in disguise, and what happens to Dume? And why did Soraya marry Prince Wenambe?

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