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Family Confronted Jacko Over Drug Fears

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By Sky News

Michael Jackson's alarmed brothers and sisters confronted him over their fears he had developed a prescription drug habit, it has emerged. Skip related content

The singer's brother Tito told how he and his brothers Jackie and Randy and sisters Janet, Rebbie and La Toya burst into Jackson's Neverland ranch, knowing they "had to act".

"We bust right into the house and he was surprised to see us to say the least," he recounted to the Daily Mirror.

"We went into one of his private rooms and had a discussion with him. Some of us were crying.

"We kept asking him if it was true what we had heard that he was using drugs."

Although Jackson denied the rumours to his siblings and never let them see him on drugs, Tito, 55, said they were not convinced.

Investigators are scrutinising the possible role of drugs in 50-year-old Jackson's death on June 25 from an apparent heart attack.

Tito said they tried again to confront Jackson about his perceived drug problem, but were kept at bay by the pop star's security team.

"After that occasion, we tried many times but his team of people just kept shutting us out, they would not let us close. They literally shut us out." He described how they even set up roadblocks, the newspaper reported.

"I don't know if they were just doing their job or if they were part of some kind of conspiracy."

Reports emerged last week that Jackson ordered staff to get him prescription drugs and travelled to other states to obtain more pills.

In LA, coroner's office officials have issued a writ to Jackson's skin doctor, Dr Arnold Klein, seeking "additional medical records".

Klein has denied giving Jackson a dangerous sedative - Diprivan - discovered at the superstar's rented mansion.

The drug is used to induce unconsciousness in hospital patients ahead of major surgery and experts say it should only be administered by a trained anaesthetist.

Klein said: "I knew at one point he was using Diprivan when he was on tour in Germany. He was using it with an anaesthesiologist to go to sleep at night and I told him he was absolutely insane."

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