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Oct 18, 2016 | General News

My Kneeling Down Apology Was To Win Emily’s Heart – Cyril {Yolo Tv Series}

By Kwaku Betasun
My Kneeling Down Apology Was To Win Emily’s Heart – Cyril {Yolo Tv Series}

If fans of “Yolo” could correctly remember the best romantic scene so far on “Yolo”, then it will be when Cyril knelt down to apologize to her girlfriend, Emily, in Season 2 Episode 3. This was when he couldn’t make it on time from the Village to meet Emily’s parents.

In a previous interview with Emily, she did confess that she felt for Cyril with that romantic act.

“Yeah it made Emily fall in love with Cyril, but not as Queenstar Annafi. Depending on the situation, every lady will fall for that romantic act.”

Cyril, speaking with Kwaku B – ‘de perfect gentleman’ on anapua105.1fm said, he only knelt down just to win Emily’s heart.

“I had to do what was necessary to win Emily’s heart at all cost.”

Adding little on that, when asked if such an act is the best way for a guy to apologize to his lady, He said, “We are showing ways to render an apology to your partner in “Yolo” but for a guy to kneel down and apologize to his partner, I don’t think we still have that habit in our system”.

Aaron Adatsi a.k.a Cyril does not have passion for only acting but also drawing and that’s what he does at his leisure time and does call to check on his lovely on screen mum, {Enyonam} too.

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