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October 30, 2003 | General News

"Dada Boat" Series Starts Today

Francis Doku for Graphic

Starting this evening, another hilarious drama series called Dada Boat will be brought to the home of Ghanaian viewers via the “station of the nation” GTV. This interesting programme will feature some of the big names in local film, video and television productions.

The leading character in the show and the one whom the entire plot evolves around is Dada Boat. He is a youngman who hails from the hinterland of Ghana and decides to move to Kejetia in Kumasi to work to raise some money to enable him travel to Germany.

He works for a few years and gets the money he thinks would be enough to put him in the air to Germany. He manages to get to Accra where he intends to acquire a passport and visa and it is then that the whole plot unfolds when he falls into the hands of con men who rob him of his money leaving him stranded in the capital.

To survive in Accra, Dada Boat has to do everything he finds possible. Some of these include working at a construction site as a labourer, selling dog chains and a host of other menial jobs. Coupled with keeping his jobs is the constant worry of where to spend the night.

But there is a catch. Though he had no regular job and does not have a permanent roof over his head, Dada Boat cannot do away with his biggest weakness: Womanising. He is a womaniser who could point at people’s houses to women as belonging to him just so he can win them.

Playing this role to perfection is ace actor and radio presenter Mikki Osei Berko who used to play the role of Master Richard in Taxi Driver. “Dada Boat is a programme that has been carefully produced with the aim of portraying some of the things that lead to social vices in Ghana,” says Osei Berko.

“Streets of the major cities in the country are getting choked everyday with people who troop there to seek non-existing jobs and they end up with nowhere to go,” he said. “It is this endless cycle of rural urban migration that we seek to address through Dada Boat.”

He said TV is a good medium of communication and especially so when it happens in a programme that has the potential of appealing to a lot of Ghanaians. He was certain that Dada Boat would be able to relay to the viewing public the perils that await those who do not plan carefully before travelling. “We want to tell people about the existence of con men, non existence of jobs and lack of shelter in big cities,” he emphasised.

Among the collection of actors in the new programme are Pattinton Papa Nii Papafio also of Taxi Driver fame, Nana Yaw Kwakye of Radio Gold, Bee Watara a.k.a. Asterix (Taxi Driver), singer and rapper Terry Bonchaka, Collins Agyemang Sarpong, (Taxi Driver), Hannah Botway (Taxi Driver), Theophilus Anang and Henry Agbai a funny character called Promise.

Dada Boat is produced by Media Gold a multi-media production company which has Mikki Osei Berko as the CEO. “Dada Boat is our first one but very soon we will launch into the production of several television and radio programmes as well as event organising,” he told Showbiz. The programme will air at 9.30pm every Thursday.

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