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19.11.2015 Celebrity

South African Actor Launches ‘On The Run’

By Victor Nyakey, Durban South Africa
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Every age has its story telling form and people are enthralled with video games in the same way as other people love the cinema and theatre.

December 12, 2015, will mark the launch of another alluring play titled “On The Run”.

It was written under the theme ‘Marriage, Friendship and Comedy’ by Sudhir Kuldip, a Durban based actor cum high school educator, in collaboration with Adi Paxton, a senior drama lecturer, at Durban University of Technology, popularly known as Cherry The Clown.

The play which teaches about how people should stand up for their rights before things get out of hands, is inspired by two of the producer’s favourite childhood movies, namely; ‘Thelma and Louise’, and ‘Back To The Future’. Elements such as testing true friendship and showcasing love for different dance varieties have been melded to compose the “On The Run”.

The production also takes the audience through the history of South Africa, comparing and contrasting the quality of life and education, before and after the much talked about Aparthied Regime. Three popular places such as Bloemfontien, Gugulethu and Phoenix have been the backdrop in the entire piece.

The performance, scheduled to be staged at Rajput Hall in Chatsworth Durban South Africa, will be mulled in a Comedy and four genres of dance:- Musical Theatre, Hip- Hop, Bollywood, and Modern Contemporary Dance. All these will be choreographed by the venerated Brandon Rohan, Tyrell James, Shoaib Khan and Dedani Shabalala.

Sudhir said: “I am a playwright. I act as well. Yes! I am a high school educator. Prior to this production, I have been able to write three plays which were successfully staged at various locations in Durban. They are: ‘Ayo yama what like that’, ‘Ooh yere dancing down memory lane’ and last year’s amazing ‘I see you’ ”.

Late last year, Sudhir Kuldip launched ‘I see you’. In this play, the author recounts the story of a close friend who lost his life five years ago while battling with choosing the correct career path. The deceased chose to become a chef, but his parents thought otherwise and prevailed upon him to abandon his dream for a false profession. This negative parental influence and indecision on the part of the playwright’s late friend compelled him to rebel against his parents’ advice, suffered depression and later died.

On the contrary, ‘On The Run’ is more of a comedy than a tragic story. So, the audience should expect to laugh out loud.

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