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19.10.2015 General News

Don’t Treat Rap Like A Pastime—Watiwany Of Kingpins Entertainment Advises

By Kofi Oppong Kyekyeku
Don’t Treat Rap Like A Pastime—Watiwany Of Kingpins Entertainment Advises
LISTEN OCT 19, 2015

CEO of Kinpins Entertainment, Bright Asante popularly known as Watiwany has advised upcoming and wannabe rappers in Ghana to focus and work hard to achieve their goals and objectives in the rap world.

Speaking in an interview with the News Hunter Daily Magazine, Watiwany pronounced that it is the target of Kingpins Entertainment to help discover new talents in the industry.

According to him, Kingpins Entertainment ventures in everything under multimedia—being movie shooting; photo shooting, promoting of novice rappers and event organization—and also help in training actors/actresses and other stuffs.

He observed that climbing up the ladder to be an A-list rapper won’t be achieve on a silver platter. Hence, they should Stay on track and stick to what they are good at and find interesting.

“Everything that you learn about being a good public speaker, for example, can be effectively applied to rap…whatever you learn about developing a good storyline…can be used in rap, non-verbal communication techniques you might subconsciously pick up in dance class…they help in rap…the list goes on and on.

“Put yourself into various situations, open your ears to new ideas, learn your history, etc…All the while asking questions, analyzing things, finding out what in this world matters to you,” he added.

He further stated that: “Try to understand who you are at any given time, and spit your rhymes in that image…amped up a few notches…that’s what makes it art.

“Rap with a hunger…like you literally needs it to eat! Don’t treat it like a pastime. Whether you end up becoming a successful musician or not, the time you dedicated is never wasted. Good rap skills and song writing skills are amazingly beneficial to developing a good sense of confidence, the ability to perform under pressure, and the ability to express yourself in any field.”

The Kingpins Entertainment CEO believes his brand would be a worldwide label and compete with the international ones in the next five years.

KPS has so far signed Akosua Kages as its first artiste onto the Kingpins music label.

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