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13.09.2012 General News

The Culture Side Of Miss Malaika

By Graphic Showbiz - Daily Graphic
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All ten delegates of this year’s Miss Malaika pageant come from different cultural backgrounds and as has been the norm of the pageant, a night was set aside last week for the delegates to represent their culture and what a night of diversity it was!

The delegates were dressed in traditional clothes spoke extensively about their culture while seated in a horseshoe formation facing Dzifa, the godmother.

Frances and Sharon both hailing from James Town popularly referred to as British Accra spoke about the Homowo festival celebrated by the Ga people. Regina, also a Ga, presented a different aspect of Ga culture as she acted as the Okyeame in a marriage ceremony and gave reasons why some demands are made when asking for a woman’s hand in marriage.

Edlyn, a Dangme said they are believed to have migrated from Israel and Nigeria and are expert in fishing and maize farming. Ella and Sadia are from the Volta Region and they narrated how their ancestors escaped from a wicked king in Togo by dancing backwards.

Ella from Keta gave the meaning of Keta as ‘land of sand’ and explained how children are named according to the situations surrounding their birth.

Sonia and Ama are both from the Ashanti and they spoke about the region’s tourism attractions such as Lake Bosomtwi and the rich Kente cloth and the Akwasidae festival

Anima from Aburi in the Eastern Region dressed as a queen mother’s in full regalia. She explained that not all people from Aburi inherit patrilineally but that some groups of people practice matrilineal inheritance. She ended her presentation with a traditional fontomfrom dance which represents traditional authority.

The final delegate Aisha, who hails from a village called Tumu in the Upper West Region spoke about ‘tuo zaafi’ the favorite dish of her people and how everyone eats together signifying unity in her community.

Viewers are encouraged to vote for their favorite delegate by texting their names to short code 1757 to win the cultural task and also to visit the Malaika Facebook page for more updates.

source: Graphic Showbiz

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