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Yemoh Ike/Hello! Gh newspaper
11 August 2012 | Upcoming Celebrities

Bibi Bright's childhood dream of becoming an air hostess after school became a mirage because the parents of the educated young actress were scared of losing their beloved child through what they perceived as a 'plan crash'. Nevertheless, the East High College North Carolina trained actress Bibi believes that the movie industry in Ghana takes beyond talent to be recognized.

Acting was never career option then, but she's worked hard to get to where she is now and her parents are so proud of her. Beside, acting is a safer job it seems. “I didn't know I could act well till a friend forced me to partake in a TV series called 'Missed Call'. I took acting serious from then on because the remarks were so positive and overwhelming. Had I known of this hidden talent, I would have started a long time ago because then the industry was not tougher and I had lots of opportunities,” Bibi stated.

She continued: “Nothing good comes easy… as one can have the looks and talent but will still not get anywhere without the favour of God. And even with the favour and all the looks when hard work and determination is not applied a step might become a 1000 mile,” Bibi added. With her first appearance in 2011, the attractive actress now has over twelve movies to her credit. 'Please Marry Me, Traced, Hoodlums, House Party, Leave my Wife, My Home, Love steal, Swagger Babes, My Taxi Driver' among others are the movies she's starred in.

“Anyone who runs faster than me in my achievements is my competitor and mentor. In other words, the good actresses in the industry are” she laughs out. Giving us her secret, she said; “ Its all about Bibi Bright, I got goals and so am never stopping till I get there, enough is too little for me so its hard work till I abuse my dream… follow yours and have faith in God.”

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Upcoming Celebrities


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