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2 August 2012 | General News

Imajin Advertising parties with media

Ghanaian Chronicle

Derrick Mills & Belinda Dankwa
Organizers of the 'Legends and Legacy Ball' -Imajin Advertising, recently held a press soiree with a cross section of media houses towards their upcoming big event to rock Ghana.

The press soiree was organised to fraternize with a cross section the media, in relation to its programme and its intention of being the next bigger out door event organisers in the country.

In a briefing discussion with the media, the representatives of the Imajin advertising group, the head of communication department, Mr. Fiifi Banson, talked about the ideas the organisation has and how it wishes to achieve them with the help of the media.

He expressed how the group is taking up the responsibility of ensuring that journalists do not struggle in finding ways to cover stories concerning the event. In addition, he cautioned that journalists should avoid the habit of conveying too many people with them, since it sometimes generates problems.

He expressed his appreciation to the various media present at the meeting, and said they wouldn't have achieved a lot without them and that they gave them a lot of support.

He said that the group will keep both journalists and everyone updated on issues and events concerning the organisation, and urged that the media shouldn't hesitate in getting information out there to the public.

Imajin advertising is a private organisation noted for Event Management and Marketing, and also an Advertising Agency, which brought up the idea of rewarding artistes who have been in the music industry for a period of time, and whose music have contributed positively to society and have an impact on both the young and old.


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