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2 August 2012 | General News

Guess Who Is Coming To Diner

Daily Guide

Interesting stories, touching true life accomplishments, the joy of sharing warm surprises with family, excellent recipes of both exotic and local dishes: Yes! Guess Who is Coming to Dinner is back.

Guess W ho is coming to Dinner has returned to the screens with season four of the TV reality cook show which featured families, beautiful surprises and excellent recipes which could easily be replicated by all at home.

The show which returned to the screens last Sunday on GH-One , has gained for itself a respectable following when it premiered a number of years ago.

The programme manages to keep viewers entertained from start to finish.

Guess Who is coming to Dinner, a GH-One initiative with sponsorship from Alvaro, was in many ways different from all the other cook shows which were aired on TV. The first difference being that, the programme was shot in the homes of families.

The presenter, chef and crew travelled to homes of individuals who have been set up for a surprise meal by a loved one and the chef set about preparing a mouth-watering meal for that special person.

After the meal was prepared, the person who has been surprised was invited to join the table with their family and friends.

While they were eating, a guest who was supposed to be famous or someone the surprised person had been dying to meet walked in. The guest joined in the meal amid small talk.

Another thing that mad this show different was that, although, it was a cook show, the focus was not only on the cooking process.

An on-site chef accompanied the presenter and crew to add a professional touch to the preparation of some of the most popular Ghanaian meals, as well as continental dishes.

Also, the show focused on relationships and their importance to the growth of society as a whole.

Hosted by Naa Ashorkor, the show built interesting stories around families and brought these stories to life for the admiration of viewers.

Viewers were being encouraged to get involved in the programme by nominating their loved ones to be given a wonderful treat anytime for whatever reason.

To be part if the programme one could log on to and fill out an application form.

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