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04.07.2012 Radio & Television

I’M IN LOVE WITH BOMAYE – Queen Jay goes down with issues

By MultiTV
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Queen of the week who ended up on the eviction list for the first time made it to the interviewer's chair where she spilled her guts on some of the issues she had been having when she was in the house. She confirms that she is best friends with Gifty and hopes that Gifty wins the show. She appeared to have a whole lot of issues with Princy- Naturally!

If you have been following the show you will recollect that Jay has been ejected from the house for kissing the trouble making Harry when Bomaye was away on a trip. The incident left many wondering if she will make a faithful wife but the ever gracious Bomaye had her brought back, literally handing her a second chance which one cannot Jay she has used very well.

Whilst it was up to the Public to vote the maidens out, it was up to the king to decide who is nominated for eviction and hence his lost of trust for Jane may have informed his decision to put her on the list. It can be argued that before that incident Jane was well among his favourites. Whether this is true or not, no one knows – but the long and short of it is that Jane is gone out of the house which leaves Gifty on her own.

The two seemed to have formed a strong bond after Gifty decided she was going to warn Jay about who was happy when she was ejected from the house. Since then the bond has just grown stronger with the maidens literally splitting themselves into factions.

The next eviction list is likely to see Gifty and Blay on the list, if I am correct two more will be needed and that could be risky for the likes of Princy. Promzy escaped narrowly as she was the last name before the evicted Jane and one can only wonder what will happen next.

For now though it seems Chichi and Promzy are in the lead. Tension will go up another notch with less maidens in the house- friends are bound to become enemies and the excitement will grow. Go grab your MultiTV Digibox today.

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