“I’m in Love With Boma Ye” - Shocking Eviction List

By Adaa Boy

Incidents in the house must have gotten to Bomaye and if I were in his shoes yes, I would be nominating people at random and that's exactly what he has done. On the new list are the super favorites with the exception of the just returned from ejection, Jay.

Almighty Promzy and Chichi made the list but so did Miss G and Becky. The last two are certainly not favorites and Gifty, I recollect, has appeared on the eviction list twice and is very likely to get voted out. Frankly, she is not adding much to the house.

The Promzy bubble has finally burst and Bomaye confesses his sexual connection with her. But as he puts it, he needs more than that from his woman and Promzy is not showing a lot of promise in the other areas. I personally believe she needed to be on the list to wake her up. Perhaps we are going to see something new from her.

Well, nomination may not be a bad thing after all as it gives everyone a chance to test their position in the house. Somehow I get the feeling Bomaye is secretly wishing Promzy gets to stay. After the list was released Promzy sunk into sad mode; it is understandable that she didn't expect it but it could be a good thing for her. It will help shake off some of her over confidence and bring her back to earth.

For now, though, Chichi is in charge as queen of the house and we can only wait to see what she is going to do with her queenship. To start off, she had issued a monopolization order on the king on specific times of the day and he seems to like the idea.

Personally, I hope Promzy stays. Gifty needs to go home for appearing on the eviction list twice; it indicates that she has the worst performance. Promzy and Gifty are worlds apart and a man who is attracted to Promzy is not likely to be attracted to Gifty. After this week almost everyone would have made an appearance on the eviction list and that will bring everything down to an open field. Only a digibox can keep you in the picture.

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