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9 June 2012 | General News



JUNE 8, 2012 - The video for “AGYEKOOM” has finally been released, starring ITZ TIFFANY and Castro. As one of the first videos released under her new name, ITZ TIFFANY, the artist formally known as Tiffany, did not disappoint in this video.

The video “Agyekoom” tells a story about heartbreak .In between the close up screen shots of ItzTiffany and Castro, is the heartfelt story of heartbreak. The song starts out with the pounding of drums, similar to the sound of a heartbeat. As the song progresses, the “heartbeat”

gets faster as the listeners learn that there has been disloyalty in the relationship, yet she still loves her baby.

“From the first day that I met you, knew that I loved you, never did neglect you, noooo”

Itz Tiffany, who is undoubtedly strikingly beautiful, is seen marrying the man of her dreams, clad in a white wedding dress with guests all around her. A few scenes later, she is seen crying, while still dressed in her wedding gown. Castro is seen , reflecting ItzTiffany's thoughts, clad in a wedding tuxedo. ItzTiffany catches her man speaking to another woman on the phone while sitting in the stairwell, and she finds a woman's lips imprinted on her man's neon green shirt.

Oh my! AGYEKOOM! Castro, featured in the song, provides a type of call and response effect for the song, a piece of the song that adds depth to the creation of “Agyekoom”. In the “Agyekoom” video, ItzTiffany is so in love with her man, yet he keeps breaking her heart, over and over and over again. The great thing about this video is that it leaves room for the imagination. Towards the end of the video, while Itz Tiffany is drowning in tears ( the shower represents the never ending heartbreak and tears), her man is seen on the bed, obviously very upset.However, what is not clear is his reason for being upset. Is he upset because he disappointed his wife OR is he upset because he was not smart enough to hide the shirt before he got home?

The guy said he would love her, guide and protect her, but all he does is make her cry? How many women in the world have had their hearts broken by false promises? How many women wish the guy they married or dated would have just been straight forward with them, instead of playing with their heart? The “Agyekoom” video with Itz Tiffany and Castro is so great because whether or not you understand Twi, you could watch the video with the sound off, and still receive the powerful message which is being emitted through the video screen. The love ItzTiffany has for her man is represented in many ways. The color “red” represents the love she has for him-her nails are painted red, the walls outside of the wedding chapel are red, and the background in some of Castro's scenes are red.

The video brings the viewer into the video. By the time the video is over , the viewer feels for ItzTiffany, and when she is crying in the shower, her pain can be felt, because it is real pain that many people can relate to.How could that guy make her promises and not keep them, breaking her heart, when not so long ago she was so happy on her wedding day? However, the symbolism is so great. The green shirt with the red lipstick is like a traffic light—green means go. ItzTiffany realizes at the end of the video that it is seriously time to start thinking about leaving him,for good.

The “Agyekoom” video leaves the viewer longing for a Part II. Let's see what ItzTiffany and Castro have in store for their fans during the remainder of 2012. Perhaps fans will get to witness a Part 2 at the Summer Jam concert, where they will both be performing live, on June 16,2012, at the Armenia Ballroom in New York: 630 Second Avenue, New York, New York.

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