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03.06.2012 Opinion

“I’m in Love With Boma Ye” - Date Night Reveals Advanced Tactics

By Adaa Boy
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Finally escaped the ECG claws and made it alive to date night in time to catch Boma Ye and Harriet having a super time on their own with a bottle of something I couldn't work out. The mood was beyond romantic. I am guessing it was Gordon's spark. Bible-hugging Harriet had a few sips against her will which got me wondering: Is Boma Ye really having that effect on her or is she hiding something? Bible-hugging girls do not sip alcohol unless Jesus is asking them to - period. The giggles didn't stop however, well nothing unusual about that. But when the big moment came Harriet's wasn't ready for a kiss; she kept saying “stop that.”

I remember saying somewhere that I have had to revise my notes with regards to who is what in the house. We all know all the girls are in the house to win Boma Ye's heart, hence when he makes a move for a kiss you hardly expect rejection from a maiden who cannot seem to stop giggling in the presence of the King. That certainly would not have happened with the likes of Princy and Promzy who have already found ways to kiss him so many times already, I lost count.

There is a lesson here: men are known to like a challenge and be intrigued by what seems difficult to get. Yeah it's an ego thing. It is probably the oldest trick in the book - “Don't make it easy for him but find a way to keep him on a leash.” By all indications Harriet is not the simpleton I thought she was and all of a sudden I am worried for the two major contenders. Boma Ye works out so he certainly must believe in “no pain no gain”: has Harriet picked up on this whiles the others have missed it in their rush to be the winner? Sometimes keeping your eyes on the prize means you miss what is happening in your immediate environment but that is where the true power to win the price is - where you are!

People are not all the same and while some are quick starters they may be slow finishers and there is always the opposite group who starts slow and finish with incredible energy. Then there are the in-between variations of the two polarities. In the weeks to come I get a feeling some of the first might become the last and – you know the rest.

Whiles all this was going on, low profile Blay was busy with a very constant “Asabone” that frankly made her look ridiculous. The girl can't dance but I guess she was in the mood and there was no stopping her. When Promzy launched a major booty shaking assault earlier in the day, it was “auntie” Blay who first jumped on the band wagon with Princy coming in second - I am not saying that means anything serious but that is certainly a first. She is definitely coming out of her shell and I am beginning to wonder if that is a good thing. Some things are best kept hidden in my opinion but I am sure you will have a few opinions of your own once you get your MultiTV digibox.

As far as Harriet goes, she cooks, cleans, she shares, she cares, prays, reads the bible on a super regularly basis, she giggles and most of all she plays hard to get in a hard to understand way and oh, she doesn't complain. Interesting mix. Boma Ye is certainly intrigued by all this as the “iceberg” Harriet is revealing but only at a slow pace.

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