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31 May 2012 | General News

I'm In Love With Bomaye: Four Up For Eviction

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Four maidens in the on-going 'I'm in love with Bomaye' reality show on Cine Afrik on Multi TV have been nominated by the King, Alex Biney, for possible eviction Sunday.

The four, Becky, Lovely, Gifty and Favour were nominated by the king Monday.

'I'm In Love with…' is a colourfully scripted reality television show where 12 carefully selected ladies compete to win the heart of a 'king' in 13 weeks.

'I'm in love with Bomaye' is centred around Big Brother Africa Amplified star Alex Paapa Biney aka Bomaye, in his quest to find an African queen from 12 carefully selected women over a period of 13 weeks under 24-hour camera surveillance in the royal reality house. With the help of viewers and friends, Bomaye must select the right girl who will prefer him over the $20,000 worth of prizes at stake.

'I'm in love with Bomaye' is a collaboration between Access Media Productions and Cine Afrik Channel on Multi-TV.

Alex, who is on a hunt for a wife, is faced with the daunting task of selecting from 12 beautiful maidens who are hoping to successfully woo him.

The king gave mixed explanations for nominating the four. Key among them was the fact that he thought they were not serious about wanting him and hoped the nomination would ginger them to raise their game.

While he was emotionally attached to two of the nominees, Alex and Gifty, he would not attach that emotion to their nomination.

The fate of the four now lie in the hands of the general public who have the ultimate power to save their favourite maiden.

This can be done by voting through texting your favourite maiden's name to the short code 1732 on all networks.

In related development, Harriet has been voted the Queen of the Week.

On Sunday night, housemates voted for the queen for week.

After the ballots, Harriet polled nine votes, the highest, while Chichi, Miss G and Blay had one vote each.

With the win, Harriet will enjoy a private room, labelled 'Queen's Room', which is close to the king's room, for a week. This is considered a unique advantage as Harriet will be just a stone's throw from Alex, the king.

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