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May 24, 2012 | General News

Adams Apples: Finally it all ends here

This weekend will see the premiere of the final chapter of Adams Apples, the 10-part movie that has been engaging the attention of movie enthusiasts for the past one year.

From sneaked location shots, such as the one above, it appears that everything ends well with a lot of dancing and wide grins all around. But is that how the “wahala” is going to end; everyone happy?

In a recent review of the penultimate chapter in Showbiz recently, the reviewer, unable to anticipate how the final chapter would be, wrote:

“It is this complexityof conflicts that makes the final wrap seemingly extremely difficult. How is Shirley Frimpong-Manso going to resolve all of them within a maximum 90 minutes? Unless, of course, she intends to play the mythical Kweku Ananse character who always finds an escape route from webs he entangles himself in, it is going to be difficult to see how Shirley pulls this final resolution through.

Whichever path she chooses, there is no denying the fact that Shirley’s reputation as a storyteller following her successes with earlier productions -Scorned, Life and Living It, A Sting In a Tale, Six Hours to Christmas, Checkmate and a television series Different Shades of Blue - is being put to test and how she gets through it will earn her cheers or jeers.

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