Big Brother Africa StarGame: 3 evicted in a dramatic eviction show

By Ghana l l Ernest Dela Aglanu

Contrary to expectations, three housemates, instead of the expected two, in the on-going Big Brother Africa StarGame reality show, have been evicted on Sunday.

Big Brother as usual pulled a surprise by evicting Tanzanian pair Hilda and Julio together with Zimbabwean housemate Teclar during Sunday's live eviction show in Johannesburg, South Africa.

After a roundup of an adventurous, exciting and entertainment filled first week of season seven of Africa's most watched reality show, Zimbabwean pair Maneta and Teclar were the first to be asked by IK, host of the show, to leave the house and join him on stage.

Just when the rest of the housemates thought Big Brother had finished casting his painful eviction dice, Tanzanian pair Hild and Julio were ordered by the host to leave the house and also join him on stage.

Hilda had won the Head of House task Friday and was expected to assume her role as Head of the Downville House Monday morning. But with eviction staring at her face, many were wondering what Big Brother's game plan was.

After the results of this week's votes were handed over to IK, he subsequently asked Maneta to leave the stage with her fate hanging in an unknown balance.

Apparently, she has been saved from eviction and moved from the Downville house to the Upville house which had seven celebrities as housemates.

After that twist, Big Brother decided to throw his painful eviction dagger evicting Teclar first. That was followed by the eviction of Julio and then Hilda who never survived to see the day light of her being Head of House.

Big Brother once again applied his advanced Random Nomination Mechanism during Sunday's show.

When the draw was done, Sierra Leonean pair, Zainab and Dalphin and Liberian pair, Luke and Yadel have their heads on the chopping board and face a possible eviction come Sunday.

With Hilda gone, one has to wait to see who takes over as Head of House of the Downville house.

Considering the fact that the four housemates who were up for eviction last week have found their way out of the Downville house, one will also anxiously keep his or her fingers crossed to see what Zainab, who has developed some feelings for Ghanaian housemate, Keitta, would be up to this week.

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