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03.04.2012 General News

Bright And Oware Leave Angel For Fox?

By Graphic Ghana - Daily Graphic
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So after three weeks or so of football some are going to heave a sigh of relief and thank God that another feast of madness is over.

Some are going to be happy and gay somewhere down south in Zambia and back home some have, as is often the case, been calling for the hair (pun intended) of the manager.

Unfortunately the 30 year wait for continental glory by the Black Stars was not going to be over as our representatives went burst when it mattered most and they came back with nothing, having been respectively beaten by eventual winners Zambia at the semi final and Mali at the third place play off.

So we are back to the drawing board as the cycle of vilification and blame game continue then and usual suspects the radio presenters and their callers, yet again, lead the discourse of who to blame and therefore who to fire. We’ll prepare and go to the next tournament in 2012 and try again but for now let us talk about other matters.

While the tournament was going on there were a lot of other stuff happening in the sports reporting and presentation arena from the various radio stations dotted all over the country. Kumasi, for example, was preparing for an earth shattering news – maybe not.

Anyone who has followed the radio industry closely would know that it is perhaps one with the most number of turnover than many others.

You could hear this guy speaking on a channel today and by the next hour you him on another.

There have been times when a station has lost about ten of its on-air personalities to another competition within the same period.

There also been times when presenters have left gradually from a station to another or others to further their career, or so they thought before leaving.

Two of the most classical cases were when it was rumoured that several presenters from Peace FM, including Kwami Sefa Kayi, Fiifi Banson, Billy Ocean and Kwasi Aboagye were on their way to Happy FM when the latter started although it did not happen and then the mass exodus of Adom FM presenters to Oman FM before it would launch.

Kumasi has had its fair share of mass movements with the two notable one being Fox FM presenters to Kessben FM and Hello FM presenters to Angel FM. So it is something that happens across the forests and rivers all the time.

There seem to be something similar happening again when I got the information a couple of weeks ago that some presenter at Angel FM were preparing to leave the station en bloc to Fox FM. The Angel FM sports team is made up of four presenters namely Joe Laka, Bright Boadu, Richard Osei Oware and Eugene Adu Poku or Striker.

The information was that apoart from the team head Joe Laka, the former Fox FM and Kessben FM presenter all the other three were leaving the Abrepo Junction based station to the one near the Prempeh Assembly Hall.

My information from sources in Kumasi is that these three presenters are very helpful to the sports platform that Angel FM occupies and that were they to leave the station it has tendencies to affect the station adversely. departure has ten be

I confirmed the story earlier that indeed the three men had intensions to leave.

However, I found out later that Striker had changed his mind about transfering from Angel FM to Fox FM and that he would stay put at the station.

Bright Kankam Boad has been around for a while and being a former Fox FM presenter this switch would be like going back home.

He used to work at Fox FM as the deputy head of sports to Sometimer Otu-Acheampong but moved to Angel FM 5 years ago to work again as deputy head of sports under Joe Laka.

I spoke with Bright last week and asked what he did at Angel FM and why he wanted to leave to his former employer. “At Angel I was handling most of the interviews and analysis on the sports shows, but my contract with Angel FM has expired and decided not to renew it but rather to take up a fresh challenge at Fox FM.”

He comes to Fox FM as head of sports and he considers it as a challenge he would most honourable like to take.

Richard Osei Oware on the other hand had also worked with Fox FM sometime in the past. He moved to Otec FM and then later joined Joe Laka at Kessben FM. When Laka was leaving Kessben to Angel FM he moved together with him.

His contract has also expired and has also decided not to renew it but rather go with Bright to Fox FM to see how they can bring back that verve that the station had when in the area of sports.

The CEO of Fox FM, Francis Poku Jnr., has a way of keeping an open door policy so those of his presenters who leave his stations occasionally could come back when they feel like doing do and it is perhaps the reason why Bright and Oware are taking the opportunity.

He has managed in the past to attract his former presenters back to the station with Sometimer as the biggest yet and he almost did a similar thing with Kwame Adinkra. The latter decided at the eleventh hour to decline the offer thereby denying us of seeing the biggest return to a former radio station on Kumasi radio.

The question that need to be asked is whether their coming would add any value to the station and would make it the number one station in sports ones again. Especially as the old fox, Joe Laka would still be working from the studios of Angel FM. We shall see how it goes.

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