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05.03.2012 General News

Delay Grabs Kubolor's Penis

By Daily Guide
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Hell broke loose in Ghana's showbiz community when NEWS-ONE reported recently that a female musician had shown her naked sex organ to a live music audience in Accra and just when dust was settling on that issue, the paper has confirmed that sensational musician of Ghanaian-Romanian parentage, Wanlov Da 'Kubolor', has shown his naked hairy penis to TV and radio presenter, Delores Frimpong Manso.

Kubolor was reported to have shown his naked dick to Delores aka Delay at the Aphrodisiac Night Club in Accra and persons who were said to be present when the unthinkable happened include hip-life musicians Asem and Atumpan.

Reports said Delay begged to see Kubolor's penis and she was so persistent that he got fed up and showed it to her. Unconfirmed reports said Delay, upon seeing the matured dick, got so excited that she touched and fondled it to prove that it was a real penis and not a toy.

Delay's reason for requesting to see Kubolor's dick was apparently to prove that indeed he did not wear any underwear as he had publicly stated on various platforms.

The female presenter had invited Kubolor over for an interview on her Delay TV show and during the programme, he repeated that he did not wear any briefs or boxers beneath the piece of cloth he wrapped around his waist. Delay however insisted that unless she saw the penis, she would not believe what Kubolor was saying. After much persuasion, he was compelled to show it to her. The interview airs this Saturday on TV3.

Another celebrity who says he does hot wear underwear is actor cum movie producer Fred Nuamah. NEWS-ONE has heard Delay would be interviewing him soon and only God knows what she would be asking him to show her.

Kubolor is a Ga word meaning vagabond and the musician is one of the most celebrated Ghanaian stars.

Wanlov Kubolor
He is noted for his unique way of dressing in short skirts with no underpants underneath and also walking barefooted. Occasionally, he said, he had an erection when he played with women.

But the same women, he revealed, helped him to calm his penis by pressing it down. According to him, his wearing of a skirt was not for any unique reason but because of the hot weather. His mode of dressing, he said, was less expensive just as walking barefooted was healthy, saying it massaged his feet.

In a previous interview with NEWS-ONE , Kubolor revealed that he derived inspiration from watching women's buttocks while he ate a tropical fruit called abiu known in Ghana as 'Alasa', or velvet tamarind known as 'Yoryi'.

'I get vim from it to continue surviving in life. When I see buttocks, I feel that maybe tonight I will be squeezing one or I will be enjoying one. I watch them to appreciate it and hope for the future. That is the main thing I do but I have other hobbies too. I enjoy browsing Facebook, looking for buttocks there. I like basket ball too,' he disclosed.

Kubolor, at birth, was named Emmanuel Owusu-Bonsu. He says he believes in speaking his mind and hiding nothing.

'My private world is actually my public world. I feel free at home, every where I am or everywhere I go in this world. If I go in front of the President or the Queen, I do the same.'

He has stated that he will not be censoring his lyrics.

 'Arts can't be censored. It is a problem human beings have all over the world. On radio they tell you, you can't say 'pussy' but we can say vagina. Hence, the radio edits, but you hear some of these things underground. If I am rapping, I am not going to hold my tongue if I want to say 'ass'. Or it depends, once I want to convey a certain picture to let fans or audiences truly understand what I am saying, I will say it as it should be said,' he said.

Kubolor is married to two wives and has two sons, one with each woman.


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